erials and conduct professional reviews.

“Can the engine be stopped? We want to see the engine up close!” After all the data was reviewed, one of the judges finally said.
This is also the final review to see if the engine used in the experiment is made of the correct materials.
Without David’s intervention, Vice President Balfour stopped the engine first, and then a robotic arm used spray equipment to cool the engine quickly.
Forty reviewers surrounded the biomaterial alloy engine. The equipment here was very comprehensive. They used various methods to analyze the biomaterial alloy engine.
“Deputy Dean Balfour, Team Leader Arthur, the research results of biomaterial alloys are real. This research is eligible to enter the selection of the Flagg Award. And in my personal opinion, if this research result does not win the Flagg Award, Flagg Award, then all Flagg Award winners in the past century are not eligible to receive the Flagg Award!” one of the judges said solemnly.
His opinions also represent the views of the vast majority of reviewers here. Even some other reviewers who are careful are just because of some unspeakable reasons and are not a research issue on biomaterial alloys.
/David was sitting on the sofa in the lobby of the villa. He looked towards the door. Outside the door, a group of people were waiting for him to go out. These were not people monitoring him, but reporters.
Arthur became famous because his research on biomaterial alloys entered the qualifications for the Flagg Award. The biomaterial alloys that had just been produced immediately attracted the attention of many forces.
In just a few days, the stocks of many engine raw material companies have plummeted. On the contrary, the stocks of some biomaterial companies have soared.
David’s biomaterial alloy research results will inevitably be promoted on a large scale because of their importance to the federation. Biomaterial companies will replace traditional raw material companies. Many people can see this.
This is only an impact for a few days. If it takes longer, a greater impact will appear.
These books have nothing to do with David, he is just a researcher, and the benefits he reaps after the results are released are a fixed percentage.
As for who to cooperate with for development, how to develop, etc., it has nothing to do with him.
What David actually received was 1% of the profits of the entire development project. If it were an ordinary research project, this 1% would only allow the researcher to receive a relatively generous remuneration.
But the impact of biomaterial alloys is too great. Once fully applied, it will be a huge and almost astronomical wealth.
This is also a way out that Dean Constable has left for himself. However, although Dean Constable is a research genius, he is not an economic genius. If he had known that this biomaterial alloy could bring such great benefits, Research on biomaterial alloys has long been made public.
That way, at least Dean Constable’s research on immortality will not be short of funds.