t’s inform the red dragon to take action!”

Duke Kavadia said cruelly.
Of course he doesn’t want to wear the label of “incompetent”. But the Felix family cannot afford to gamble now. If his pillar is broken, the next generation will not be able to support the current family business.
Tens of meters long flames spurted out, and everywhere they went was a sea of ​​fire. The raging flames were constantly devouring all directions.
Countless soldiers guarding the warehouse were frightened by this tragic scene and fled in all directions, wishing that their parents would have two more legs.
Watching the camp fall into chaos, the military masters did not show up to stop them, and even the high-level generals did not come out to organize the soldiers to fight back, completely allowing the red dragon to plunder.
/Maxim was very satisfied as he watched countless human soldiers fleeing below, setting fires all the way. This is the life of a giant dragon. The previous failures were purely accidental.
Deep down in his heart, he has despised the human race countless times. Because of the internal struggle, someone actually paid him to come and burn down his own military camp. It was simply the most ridiculous thing in the world.
But since the other party’s bid was high enough, he didn’t care. After all, this kind of enemy is really hard to find.
Spewing flames for a while, throwing a big fireball for a while, Maxim was having a great time in the camp.
The five Dukes who were watching the battle hidden in the dark were dripping with heartache. They just hired the dragon to burn the warehouse, but they didn’t let the dragon come to kill people.
It’s a pity that creatures like dragons are born to be destructive. There is no need to do anything deliberately, just normal setting fire will cause huge casualties to the defenders.
The giant dragon in front of the high-ranking generals was hired by them to destroy evidence, but the people below didn’t know it, and they were still trying to drive the dragon away.
Maxim is obviously not a good-tempered dragon. If any “reptile” dares to come and harass him, naturally he won’t mind giving them a tail!
The fire dragon burning the warehouse was accompanied by the killing. Such a big movement quickly attracted the attention of the gryphon cavalry patrolling in the distance, and the news was quickly passed on.
“A giant dragon suspected to be the Dragon King attacked the military camp?
Earl Hudson, you are definitely not kidding! ”
Facing the suspicious gaze of Archduke Efiero, Hudson immediately explained: “That’s right, Your Excellency the Grand Duke.
This news just came. A huge red dragon attacked the camp of the northern nobles and is currently plundering the military camp.
/It is indeed a bit strange to come and attack our military camp now. But this question needs to be asked to the deputy commander, Duke Kavadia, who has always been in charge of the military affairs there.
Judging from the intelligence gathered by the Griffin Cavalry, they seemed to be frightened. There w