les on their heads.

If one piece is not enough, you can also play with several boulders connected in a string.
The Bear Stearns Acrobatic Show is also a unique scenery in the mountainous area.
Baron Redman was terrified when he saw this, fearing that the Earth Bear would get too excited and hit people with boulders.
Fortunately, this situation did not last long. The number of boulders was limited, and the efficient Bear Stearns completed the transportation of the boulders in less than a day.
The stones are all prepared in advance, which makes people think carefully.
But Xiong didn’t say anything, so the others naturally didn’t talk much. Neither Hudson nor Bear Stearns could talk about the transaction to the outside world.
A decent man and a decent bear = tacit agreement to keep things secret.
For the sake of everyone’s glorious image, everything involving interests must be kept confidential.
No one caused trouble, and the celebration banquets on both sides were successful, except that there were fewer guests.
In Hudson’s opinion, the celebration party was almost like a wedding. Except for the person involved, everyone only paid superficial attention to it.
/Even the parties involved may not pay attention to it, such as Hudson himself.
Due to the construction of the castle, his celebration banquet had not had time to start, and the season of spring grain storage had already arrived.
After last year’s locust plague, this season’s spring grain harvest is particularly important for Wright and Wyton counties.
Countless territories are crying out for food, just waiting for food to be cooked.
As far as Hudson knew, some northern nobles’ territories even took green wheat in advance to satisfy their hunger.
After all, the food varieties are too single, and they are all within the range of locust diets, making them pale and helpless in the face of locust plagues.
/Hudson is already preparing to engage in diversified agriculture, and poultry must be raised to suppress the spread of locusts.
Although there is no market for chickens and ducks these days, and large-scale breeding cannot be sold, this does not affect my own food.
Aquaculture can also be arranged. The ditches and rivers dug in the swamps are natural breeding grounds.
Anyway, these days, there is no pollution from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, everything is original.
There is no need to expect extravagant yields, no matter how much you harvest, you will make a profit. Increasing the supply of meat is also a powerful measure to solve the lack of food production capacity in the territory.
Especially for the army, adequate nutrition is the key to a strong army.
If your stomach is not full, how can you expect fighting power?
A mess of plans are all in the preparation stage, but the most important thing right now is the spring grain harvest.
Hudson had already moved his position, and the preparations for the celebration banquet were all left to Baron Redman. Fortunately, he had a group of tribesmen who came to help, otherwise he might not be