lly growing level four Zerg.

David downloaded the map and transferred it to his identity bracelet.
Nowadays, the body of ‘Assassin Mantis’ is stored in the space wristband. Although the items in the space wristband will be stored in a special space for a long time, David does not want to affect the use of ‘corpse control’ because the body is stored for too long. Technique’.
According to the records in the ‘Corpse Control Technique’, he needs to deal with the body of ‘Assassin Mantis’ first, which cannot be done by the military.
David spent the entire afternoon making plans. He went to the logistics and maintenance departments to order and build some items.
David set a time and planned to go to the Zerg-occupied area after the items he ordered arrived two days later.
Before David could set out, just one day later, he was called to the conference room by Babington Extraordinary.
/The other three extraordinary people also congratulated David, which made David, who didn’t know what happened, feel a little confused for a moment.
“What can I congratulate?” David asked puzzledly.
“Didn’t you get the message?” Babington said with a charismatic smile.
“David, you can go to school again soon!” Benton extraordinary said to David.
Besides, the army doesn’t just leave the army. He has military exploits and has made no mistakes. It is unreasonable for him to leave the army.
“Benton, you don’t understand David even more when you say this!” Augustine Chaofan finally couldn’t stand it anymore, he said aloud, then turned to David and said: “The military department is planning to let you go to the military academy for one year of further study! ”
“Why are you suddenly asking me to go to military school?” David still didn’t quite understand.
“The news from the military department is that after one year of further study in the military academy, you will be awarded the rank of major general, and then you can officially lead the army!” Babington Chaofan continued to explain.
The contents of the military meeting could not be concealed at all. Representatives from many forces were present there. Just after the meeting, the reward plan for David was spread.
It’s just that David has been busy these two days, so no one told him about this incident.
Babington Chaofan and the others only informed David after receiving official notification. For any soldier, becoming a general is a major event.
Even though David didn’t care about his position in the army, he couldn’t help but feel happy when he heard that his rank of major general had been confirmed.
He also has a dream of being a general. Becoming a general is the dream of almost all boys.
“Which military school is it specifically? Has the time been decided?” David asked after calming down.
David opened his identity bracelet and saw an admission notice signed by the Interstellar Federation Military Academy.
A military academy that can bear the name of the Interstellar Federation can know its status from its name.
David had heard of this military academy. The admission proce