ead? How can you control the Lady of the Lake?”

“Aren’t you a poet? Why can’t you write poetry?” Dai Li responded angrily.
On the other side of the street, on the cliff that wasn’t too steep, a figure grabbed the protruding spot, moved down quickly, and quickly landed in the dark corner of Chin Street.
He has lighter skin, blue eyes, thick black hair, and slightly curled hair. He is the Enzo who just visited Ulica’s house at No. 13 Fang Street, Lower Lip District.
Enzo is not a member of the “Spiritual Religion”, but belongs to the group of people who defected from the School of Life under the influence of the Rose School.
Moreover, he is not one of those extraordinary people who can become a “vampire” on the “Medicine Master” path, nor does he worship the “Primordial Moon”. He just simply does not want to accept the rules set by teachers and teachers’ teachers anymore, and hopes to live a life as he pleases, hoping to enjoy it to the fullest. Leverage your “winner” strengths.
This kind of mentality made him very sympathetic to the concept of the Rose School’s indulgence department. It didn’t take long for him to officially join them and satisfy all kinds of desires to his heart’s content.
This time, he came to Gulayin on behalf of the Rose School to contact the Spiritual Religion Group to discuss possible cooperation on several matters. Unexpectedly, Ulika, the “Dark Dead”, encountered a high-level raid by the Church of the Night.
“Fortunately, I am good at counter-divination. The people of the Church of the Night did not know that I was at Ulika’s place beforehand, and did not pay enough attention to me. They regarded me as Ulika’s subordinate, allowing me to find an opportunity to escape from the central area. Moreover, That sunlight mainly purifies things with the power of death, evil or filth, and it won’t do much harm to me. It should be an attack at the demigod level.” Enzo walked in the shadows on the side of the street, uncontrollably recalling what had just happened.
After escaping for a long distance, he turned around and looked behind him, and found that no one was chasing him. He breathed a sigh of relief and said with a sigh:
/“A winner is a winner, always a winner”
Enzo regained his usual confidence, walked to a certain point on the street with a smile, then turned to the left and quickly descended along the stairs.
It was a long, steep staircase that connected several levels of roads up and down.
Near Fang Street, Sost suddenly opened his eyes and said to Leonard and Daly Simone:
“Just now there was a man named Enzo in Ulica’s family. He is a member of the Rose School. He is not low in rank and his position should be more important.
“Search the surroundings as soon as possible to see if you can find any traces, and try to arrest him successfully without leaving any questions.”
“Yes, Captain Sost.” Leonard agreed without hesitation.
Dai Li scratched in the wind, put her hand to her ear, listened for two or three seconds and said:
“The little guys nearby told me that someone did escap