ies, and some of them are full of means to make those people seek their own consequences.

When he came to the Seaside Research Institute, as soon as he entered the gate of the Seaside Research Institute, everyone he met greeted him respectfully.
/David nodded slightly all the way. He first came to the team leader’s office, which was originally Team Leader Layard’s office. After Team Leader Layard took away his personal belongings, it seemed that the place had been repacked, and all the supplies All replaced with new ones.
This is also a research plan for materials, but what the Seaside Research Institute needs to study is only one point in this plan as an auxiliary to the overall research plan.
There are many research groups like the Seaside Research Institute that assist in research projects, and they all complete some unimportant but necessary research tasks.
David looked through the research proposal and mentally simulated the research project assigned to him.
The time given for this research project is one and a half years, and the funding is quite generous, with 20 million credit points.
David’s strong spirit is much stronger than that of Dean Constable, and he possesses Dean Constable’s ‘research master’ ability. In fact, David’s research ability has surpassed that of Dean Constable.
David started operating on the light screen. He refined the research project and divided the task into twelve parts, each of which was responsible for each of his twelve senior researchers.
According to his judgment, as long as the Seaside Research Institute conducts research according to his guidance, the task can be completed in up to three months.
This is still the result of not including David as a research member. He has his own research direction and will not personally participate in this project.
Instead of holding meetings, David assigned twelve research jobs to twelve senior researchers via ID bracelets.
These twelve senior researchers have their own researchers, assistants, and assistants. David is not like Team Leader Layard, who holds all the power tightly in his hands.
He is not bad at credit points, and he has no idea of ??gaining credit points from research.
David stipulates the research direction, and the twelve senior researchers can receive corresponding rewards as long as they complete the assigned tasks.
This has nothing to do with whether the research yields results. This can also make researchers more motivated because all the pressure is on David.
The twelve senior researchers couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief after receiving the information on their identity bracelets.
They had already prepared for the worst, but they didn’t expect that David did not respond to their previous attitude, but instead took the responsibility on their shoulders to make their work easier.
The work of the Seaside Research Institute is proceeding in an orderly manner. Although David did not speak publicly, he mobilized the entire Seaside Research Institute through news one by one.
No one from the staff of t