e brilliance:

“Yes, you found the root of the matter”
Only then did he realize that due to long-term insomnia and poor mental condition, he had forgotten to tell the police such important clues.
Seeing that Klein’s question was answered in the affirmative, Inspector Toler secretly breathed a sigh of relief, understanding that the Nighthawks had found a clue.
Sheriff Gate was surprised and curious, and couldn’t help but look at the psychology expert Klein several times.
/In line with the resentment gradually entangled, Klein, who received feedback on the characteristics gathered bit by bit, basically confirmed the answer.
And he now has two ways to help Sir De Vere get rid of his troubles. One is to directly arrange an altar around the opponent and rely on ritual magic to completely eliminate the “death resentment”. The other is to use other occult methods to find out the source of the problem and root it out. solve things.
“Sir, you have a mental illness, a mental problem.” He looked at Deville and said nonsense seriously.
Sir De Vere frowned and asked:
“You mean, I’m a mental patient and need to go to a lunatic asylum.”
“No, it’s not that serious. In fact, most people have some psychological and mental problems to one degree or another.” Klein reassured him casually, “Please allow me to introduce myself again. I am the Ahowa County Police Department. psychology expert.”
“Psychology expert” Deville and his butler looked at their acquaintance Inspector Toller at the same time.
Toller nodded solemnly, indicating that this was indeed the case.
“Okay, what do I need to do to cooperate with the treatment? Moreover, I don’t understand why my housekeeper, my bodyguard, and my servants can all hear crying and moaning.” Deville held the cane with both hands, with a look of confusion on his face.
Klein answered in a professional manner:
“I’ll explain it to you later.”
“Please ask your butler, your servant and your bodyguard to go out. Inspector Toler, Chief Gate, please leave together. I need a quiet environment for preliminary treatment.”
Use the spell to “cure” Inspector Toller silently added something for him and nodded to Sir De Vere.
Deville was silent for more than ten seconds and said:
“Karen, take them to the living room on the second floor to wait.”
“Yes, Sir.” Butler Karen did not refute, because the person who made the request was a regular police officer, a trainee inspector, and a psychology expert.
After watching them leave and close the door, Klein looked at Deville with dark blond hair and blue eyes and said:
“Sir, please lie down on the bed, relax and try to fall asleep.”
“Okay.” Deville hung his coat and hat on the coat rack, walked slowly to the bed and lay down on it.
Klein closed all the curtains, making the room dark.
He took off the pendant and quickly used the “pendulum” to make a simple judgment of good or bad luck. Then he sat on the rocking chair not far from the end of the bed, sketched the ball of light, entered meditation, and let the spiritual world unfold before his eyes.