he ‘Half Spider Queen’ saw the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’, it immediately made a decision to kill the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’.

It sensed the life-sharing contract connected to David in the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’, as well as the aura of blood power from the same source.
If you can’t take the initiative to kill David, then killing David’s flying mount can also take revenge on David.
The energy clone of the ‘Half Spider Queen’ only took a moment to consider. Its figure immediately turned and swooped down towards the ‘Shadow Pterodactyl’.
The fifth-level Templar Tohti, who was in the castle, had his eyes fixed, and he suddenly looked towards the sky.
“There is a fifth-level Zerg, I’m going to drive it away!” Tohti’s fifth-level Templar said in a deep voice.
The guests at the reception did not panic when they heard the words of Tohti’s fifth-level Templar Knight. They knew that if the fourth-level Zerg came, it might be dangerous, but it was impossible for the fifth-level Zerg to attack them here. of.
There are only a few rules for Level 5 Zerg to take action. One is when humans enter the Zerg-occupied area. In this case, Level 5 Zerg have the right to kill humans regardless of their level.
Of course, normally speaking, the fifth-level Zerg will not attack humans whose strength is too low. As long as they do not take the initiative to send them to the front of the fifth-level Zerg, the fifth-level Zerg will be too lazy to pay attention to the first- and second-level humans.
/The second is that humans take the initiative to provoke Level 5 Zerg anywhere, and Level 5 Zerg can fight back and kill the provoking enemy.
This provocation includes both verbal and behavioral provocations, and the dignity of the fifth-level Zerg cannot be offended.
Third, when the fifth-level Zerg encounters the fifth-level Templars, both parties can fight with all their strength without using the fifth-level energy.
Many fifth-level Templars and fifth-level Zerg fell because of this situation.
“Go out and take a look!” Baron Du Bois said first.
His strength is very close to that of the fifth-level Templars, and he has an urgent desire to watch the battle between the fifth-level strong men.
The energy clone of Toherty’s fifth-level Templar was very fast and walked out of the hall in a flash. Baron Dubois followed suit, and the boldest guests among the guests also walked out of the hall one after another.
Tohti’s fifth-level Templar was able to discover the energy clone of the fifth-level Zerg’s ‘Half Spider Queen’. How could David, who appeared to be a fourth-level Sky Knight but actually possessed a fifth-level spirit, not discover it?
David discovered it when the energy clone of the ‘Half Spider Queen’ approached, but he did not expect that a fifth-level Zerg energy clone would appear on the defense line of the Divine World and the Interstellar Federation.
He was only slightly surprised when he discovered the energy clone of the ‘Half Spider Queen’ swooping towards the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’.
David did not show direct flying ability.