t of money to form this good relationship.

“I want to know when I can get the spaceship?”
David clearly understands the relationship and has his own judgment. If he really grows up, he will have the opportunity to return the favor to the Titan Consortium.
Now he really needs such a spaceship, with an energy shield and a warp engine. This is the means to save his life in space.
Although he doesn’t need it yet, he believes that he will never stay on Rock Planet forever. He will also go out to see that a starship is still needed.
“Mr. David, if you go to the airport now, you can see your spaceship!” Mr. Boone said with a smile and an invitation gesture.
“What, the spaceship has already arrived in Perrin City?” David couldn’t help but be surprised. The speed of the Titan Consortium was so fast. It should only have been a few days after the city government placed the order, and the Titan Consortium had already delivered the spaceship.
“Mr. David, the relationship between the military and you is as good as the rumors say. All the current Land Tigers are used by you!” Mr. Boone sat in the Type 2 Land Tiger armored vehicle and smiled at him. David said next to him.
/“This Land Tiger is no better than our Titan armored vehicle!” Manson said softly from the side.
“What nonsense!” Mr. Boone glared at Manson and scolded him softly. Then he turned around and explained sheepishly: “Mr. David, our consortium bid for the armored suspension vehicle project from the Rock Star military and ultimately failed. But that’s not because the Titan armored vehicle isn’t good enough, it’s just that it’s not cheap enough!”
Although Mr. Boone blamed Manson, David still heard that Mr. Boone himself deeply despised the Type 2 Land Tiger armored vehicle.
“This is all a little protection given to me by the military because of my safety issues!” David quickly explained to the Perrin City military.
“Mr. Boone, the airport is ahead. You need to apply to the airport for entry!” Sergeant Ives, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, reminded Mr. Boone.
“Let me get in touch!” Mr. Boone greeted David with a smile and began to operate the identity bracelet.
“The application has been approved, we can enter!” said Sergeant Ives, who was a little surprised at why the reply was so quick.
“I haven’t applied yet!” Mr. Boone was stunned and stopped in his hands. Then he turned to David and said: “Mr. David, I didn’t expect that your status in Perrin City is so high that you don’t even need to enter the airport. Take the initiative to apply!”
Only then did David remember that when the military gave him the Type 2 Land Tiger armored vehicle, they had said that this hover vehicle could enter and exit anywhere in Perrin City at will. It turned out that the military had not lied.
But David’s attention was completely attracted by the spacecraft parked next to the two high-altitude cruisers.
/It was a large spacecraft that was entirely blue, and the high-altitude cruiser seemed a little smaller next to it.
Of course, these are two completely different