eement did allow important technologies of the Federation to fall into the hands of the Divine World, and it was also in the hands of Duke Arthur, an important figure in the Divine World.

And this Duke Arthur happened to come to the Interstellar Federation and gained a great reputation in the Interstellar Federation.
/President Barnard had just taken office and needed an opportunity to establish his prestige. Re-signing a contract with Duke Arthur and demonstrating the capabilities of the federal government was the best time to establish his prestige.
As for Duke Arthur’s force, President Barnard believes that personal force is nothing when facing the world.
“President Barnard, can you represent the Federation? Or how many forces can you represent in the Federation?” David asked in a deep voice.
“I am the President of the Federation, so I naturally represent the Federation. Please consider Duke Arthur’s proposal!” President Barnard looked at David and replied.
“Ambassador Cumming, will you renegotiate the agreement with President Barnard?” David suddenly turned to Ambassador Cumming and asked.
“Honorable Duke Arthur, everything is at your discretion!” Ambassador Cumming immediately stood up and bowed without hesitation.
“President Barnard, according to federal law, the previous agreement cannot be canceled without the cooperation of the Divine World. In addition, I can assure you that no official in the entire Divine World dares to discuss this matter with you. No matter who he is!” David stood up and ignored President Barnard and left the lounge and the reception.
It’s not easy for Ambassador Cumming to leave. He still needs to continue working in the Interstellar Federation.
Who knew that Duke Arthur would just leave him and leave him here.
“Ambassador Cumming, can Duke Arthur represent the Divine World? Or can Duke Arthur dominate the Divine World with one hand?” President Barnard asked Ambassador Cumming.
President Barnard doesn’t understand where Duke Arthur’s confidence comes from. From the information, we can see that Duke Arthur has only been in the divine world for a year. He has the ability and connections to influence the divine world. The world should not be reaching such a fast pace.
“I don’t know if Duke Arthur can represent the world of God, but I know that Duke Arthur has killed at least two fifth-level Templars and destroyed many large noble families. Even the top nobles do not dare to offend easily. To him!” Ambassador Cumming replied with a hint of sarcasm.
President Barnard’s expression changed. This information was not included.
This cannot be blamed on President Barnard. He had been busy working on the election before, and after the successful election, he was preparing for the inauguration ceremony. The information he saw about Duke Arthur was just a briefing.
/The above only records that Duke Arthur left the Interstellar Federation a year ago and is a fourth-level Sky Knight. He also has the official status of a reserve member of the Supreme Council.
President Barnard used to