and complete the handover of the planet!” Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs, put down the cup in his hand and said with a smile.

“Okay, I have time now. I’ll pick you up after I make arrangements and go with you!” David didn’t make another appointment. He wanted to see his own planet immediately.
If he were going to Garmising by himself, it wouldn’t matter if he rode alone, but with the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin here, he couldn’t go just like that.
Even if Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs, doesn’t care, he still has to take into account the dignity of the noble affairs office.
When David left the Bama Star Noble Affairs Office, he found that it was extremely quiet in front of the door. Even the nobles who were waiting here in the morning were gone, and no nobles came to do business.
While sighing in his heart at the leisure of the Noble Affairs Office, he mounted his war horse Xiaohua and headed towards the villa.
Little did David know that his appearance at the Noble Affairs Office had been spread for a long time. There were no secrets in the aristocratic circle. As long as there was no life-threatening matter, who would go to the Noble Affairs Office at this time to confront him, a notorious person? Contact with the God of Death.
When they returned to the door of Villa No. 35, Butler Jason, Butler Albin, Knight Andrew, and Euphemia were all standing in front of the door, and all the servants stood in two lines on both sides of the door.
“Butler Jason, I’m just going home, there’s no need for such a battle!” David shook his head helplessly.
/“Master, this is necessary. You go to the Noble Affairs Office to be promoted to a title. This is the honor of the Luce family. If the old master is still here, he will be proud of you!” Butler Jason’s eyes were full of tears when he bowed to speak. .
/The Luce family has truly prospered. The title of Marquis is one of the highest-level titles obtained by the Luce family in its history. Such success is enough to comfort all the ancestors of the Luce family.
“Now I should call you Lord Arthur!” Euphemia said with a slight smile and a noble salute.
“Euphemia, you sometimes make mistakes!” David knew as soon as he heard that they had all made a mistake about his promotion to the title, and he couldn’t help but said with a smile.
It’s no wonder that the housekeepers and stewards misunderstood each other. You should know that titles are always promoted one level at a time. Especially after reaching a high-level title, it is impossible to advance several levels at a time.
Therefore, after Butler Jason received the notice from the Noble Affairs Office, he thought that David was promoted to Marquis. Who would have known that David was promoted to Duke.
“Ah! I made a mistake!” Euphemia’s face turned red, and she thought carefully about her etiquette. How could such etiquette, which was deeply rooted in her bones, go wrong?
“Now that I have obtained the title of Duke, all the nobles will be notified in a few days!” David explained with a smile.