ed voice.

Lord Fred quickly realized that the meaning of Mickey’s fifth-level Templar was very clear. Lord Arthur and the others could not afford to offend him and must not lose their composure.
Even though the Morse family entered the scene after Lord Arthur, everyone knows that this is because all of Lord Arthur’s properties are newly acquired and are still being digested and absorbed, and have not experienced a long period of time. fusion.
In terms of strength, neither Lord Fred nor Mickey’s fifth-level Templar had the confidence to fight Lord Arthur alone, let alone four more fifth-level Templars appearing beside Lord Arthur.
“There must be many people who want to know the origins of the four fifth-level Templars. Let’s take a look first!” Mickey, the fifth-level Templar, said again.
“We have no intention of enmity with Lord Arthur. It’s just that the Black Dragon bloodline has appeared, and they are all fifth-level Templars. We, the Morse family, have no reaction and we shouldn’t!” Lord Fred nodded.
/David in front was just curious. He sensed the opponent’s black dragon bloodline and found that it was indeed extremely thin, but it was not bad. He had about half the black dragon bloodline of the fifth-level Templar knights around him.
You must know that the black dragon blood origin in the body of the fifth-level Templar beside him is the maximum of the black dragon blood origin that the body of the ideal fifth-level Templar can support.
If there is more black dragon blood source, the body of the fifth-level Templar will be overwhelmed and suffer backlash, and if there is less black dragon blood source, it will affect the optimization of cultivation.
“Alexis, they can’t sense my bloodline?” David asked the black dragon Alexis through the contract.
“How can that kind of low-level bloodline sense your bloodline? As long as you don’t take the initiative to expose your bloodline, they can’t sense it!” The black dragon Alexis was very disdainful of the black dragon bloodline of Lord Fred and Mickey’s fifth-level Templar. .
David’s lord-level alchemy carriage continued to move forward along the Avenue of Glory, and behind him, the lord-level alchemy carriage of the Morse family followed unhurriedly.
After another minute, David sensed the blood of the dragon again, but this time it was not the blood of the black dragon.
“It’s the blood of the blue dragon!” the black dragon Alexis said to David through the contract.
David nodded. The Mosh family of blue dragon bloodline was also an extremely powerful existence among the top nobles.
A minute later, because David himself was of true dragon blood, even though he was far away this time, he still sensed that the reappearing lord was also of dragon blood.
“It’s the blood of the golden dragon!” Alexis, the black dragon, explained for David again.
“Strange, why are most of the most powerful top nobles of dragon bloodline?” David suddenly discovered that the lords behind him were all of dragon bloodline, and couldn’t help but ask.
/He didn’t want the black dragon