inst these knights who were far inferior to him in spirit and strength, the “Hypnosis Pattern” was more effective.

“Defense!” The third-level earth knight who led the knight’s battle formation shouted loudly.
He didn’t know what the weird pattern was, but he understood that today’s opponent was too formidable and he needed to go all out.
A shield of bloodline power appeared in front of the charging knight battle formation of hundreds of third-level earth knights, blocking the ‘hypnotic pattern’.
The ‘Hypnosis Pattern’ did not continue to approach, but only emitted gray light in front of the bloodline shield, and traces of light gray energy were scattered.
Since the level of David’s ‘hypnosis’ talent ability exceeds level five, it is far from being able to block its power by the bloodline shield gathered by the third-level earth knights.
The scattered light gray energy passed through the shield outside the knight’s battle formation, entered the knight’s battle formation, and turned into an invisible shadow and entered the souls of some third-level earth knights.
These third-level earth knights affected by the ‘hypnotic pattern’ suddenly stopped all together. The knight battle formation composed of hundreds of third-level earth knights was completely divided due to the influence of these hypnotized knights.
When the third-level earth knight who was still in a normal state was a little confused about what was going on, more light gray energy emitted by the ‘hypnotic pattern’ continued to enter the souls of more third-level earth knights.
After five breaths, hundreds of third-level earth knights controlled their horses and stopped a hundred meters away from David. They lowered their heads and performed knightly salutes, as if they were meeting their distinguished master.
All thirty-five level four sky knights in the sky were killed. Ninety-six black spears and four energy clones joined forces and lost the protection of the knights’ battle formation. These level four sky knights were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. .
Shadow Attendant continuously absorbs the souls of the fourth-level sky knights, and then puts away its space items and corpses respectively.
David hovered in the air. With a wave of his hand, more than sixty knights who originally guarded the planet-level portal joined the knight formation composed of third-level earth knights, forming a team of up to 432 knights. A knightly battle formation.
“Attack!” David ordered in a deep voice.
The knights urged the war horses under them. The war horses first trotted, then accelerated, and soon reached the top speed. Their target was Baruch Castle.
David was faster than these knights. He and the four energy clones arrived in front of the castle a thousand meters away in a flash.
The defenses of Baruch Castle are fully open, and the thickness of the energy shield alone will take the fifth-level Templars some time to break through.
/David didn’t have time to attack slowly. He controlled the Shadow Warrior to pass through the energy shield and entered