filled a certain gap, were actually refined into the tadpole text and settled in a Yin Ming Tao palace; or their talents were similar to those of a previous Yin spirit, so they were Fill it in and become part of the foundation.

During this process, Chu Weiyang also unexpectedly discovered that among the blood evil monks, the one who displayed his talents most frequently and prominently was actually the Earth Master’s lineage.
Just thinking about the Feng Shui Kanyu formation on the Fire Dragon Islands, and thinking about the youngest of the Fire Scale Islands that he killed in the past, Chu Weiyang didn’t think there was anything strange about this matter.
Continuing to delve deeply into the foundation, the Blood Evil Dao was widely spread among the casual cultivators in the past. Before this legal system was established, the last person with the same status and treatment as the Blood Evil Dao was actually It is the lineage of earth masters.
This lineage has produced golden elixir great monks, but only once.
Over the years, the lineage of the Earth Master has been passed down among casual cultivators for a long time, and this is still the case today.
Therefore, in the few remaining afterglows of the Blood Demon Dao in the outer sea, it is logical for Chu Weiyang to gain so much knowledge of the Earth Master lineage.
/In addition to all kinds of talents, even if there are no Yin spirits with any skills to assist the Dao, Zhong Chaoyuan is extremely serious about disassembling the soul memories related to the cultivation of the Blood Demon Dao.
This island is one of the prisons where criminals on the entire Fire Dragon Islands are imprisoned. Therefore, the Dharma lineage harvested is never limited to any one lineage. In the blink of an eye, Chu Weiyang has already Several were harvested.
“The True Explanation of Calling Fire from the Red Sky to Shine in the Sky’s Flames” is what Chu Weiyang has mastered.
“Huanhuo Dharma Clothes and Luowei Zhou Tiankan Li Jing”
“Ten Thousand Seal Flame Monarch Demon Talisman Book”
“Red Smoke Cloud Dou Life-Refining Blood Flame Technique”
During this brief period of observation, Chu Weiyang shrouded his spiritual thoughts together. Even if he only had an insight into the general outlines of various techniques, he knew that these were no less than the true explanation of “Red Sky Summons Fire and Illuminates the Sky Flame” The methods are at the same level. What’s more, Chu Weiyang has already seen the vague and non-existent interconnected meaning in them, connecting all the methods.
Perhaps there is a possibility of cultivating these various blood evil secret techniques at the same time.
As soon as he thought of this, Chu Weiyang only had vague and rough thoughts in his mind, and then he suppressed such messy thoughts again.
This is not the time to think deeply about this.
/Under Zhong Chaoyuan’s control, these dismantled Blood Evil Dao foundations were not smelted into Yin spirits, but were grafted into the true souls of monster beasts and sealed away.
And while watchin