that Shangguan Dandan had more truth and information on certain matters than Liu Changan, but she was unwilling to say it.

The main reason is that Shangguan Dandan still maintains a certain degree of vigilance towards Liu Changan. This vigilance does not mean that she doubts what Liu Changan will do to her, but that she feels that Liu Changan is unwilling to admit the “mother-son relationship” and might leave her at some point. She stayed with him and had some messy thoughts like that.
Only when Liu Changan actively recognizes, enjoys, and accepts this relationship can she gain a real sense of security and feel confident in telling all her secrets.
But it was impossible for Liu Changan to let her get her wish now. As he walked out, he said: “I will make noodles for you to eat this morning. Don’t go back to sleep.”
“I want to eat noodles with chicken sauce.” Shangguan Dandan said standing on the bed.
/Liu Changan went out, found a clay pot upstairs, washed it, used kitchen paper to absorb some of the water in it, and then baked it on the fire to dry it.
When he came downstairs, Liu Changan crushed the bones into ashes and put them into a clay pot. Then he stuffed the red brocade robe into it, pressed it tightly, and dug a hole next to the wall. .
As soon as the hole was dug to half a meter, he saw a black clay pot. Liu Changan frowned and had to change the place, dug a new hole one meter deep, and buried the newly prepared clay pot today.
Putting the hoe under the stairs, Liu Changan went home and got some incense, paper money, and a bowl of wine. He paid homage to the unknown skeleton and sang a eulogy.
“What are you doing?”
The window upstairs opened, and Zhou Shuling heard Liu Changan singing early in the morning. The tune was a bit like the one often heard on Bai Xishi, which had the feeling of exorcising ghosts and reassuring souls.
Liu Changan had already finished singing “Sacrifice to the Dead”. He took two steps to avoid a branch of the sycamore tree that was piercing the sky, and saw Zhou Shuling leaning on the window sill wearing only a thin cotton gauze pajamas.
In the cold morning, the warm little woman looked very comfortable with her lazy and confused temperament. Liu Changan clapped his hands and said, “Go back and sleep for a while. I will make noodles for you to eat today. When they are ready, they will be called.” you.”
/“Yeah.” Zhou Shuling raised the corners of her mouth softly and stretched. In fact, she was also willing to eat the breakfast cooked by Liu Changan, because usually what he cooked was more delicious than what she cooked.
Liu Chang’an was about to go to the vegetable market when he saw Lu Si’en running down with his head shaking and licking Liu Changan’s shoes flatteringly. Liu Changan touched the dog’s head. Lu Si’en immediately stretched out his tongue and licked it even more excitedly, even dripping a few drops of urine. Come down.
The weather was cold during this period, so Zhou Shuling was worried that the kennel under the corridor where Lu Si’en slept woul