nervous. This is mainland China. You can understand that there is a national security system with an investment of trillions to provide you with security services.” Su Mei smiled and comforted Zhang Xinhan next to her.

Zhang Xinhan is also Mrs. Zhusan’s assistant. She is one level lower than Zhongqing, but she is still at the core of the huge assistant team and is one of the key targets for training.
“Understood.” Zhang Xinhan nodded, and then continued to communicate with the security personnel scattered in front and behind to understand the situation.
The convoy continued to move forward, and the identity of the huge truck was verified. It turned out to be owned by a transportation company under the Baojun Group.
Unsurprisingly, the convoy and the truck met near the traffic light. Zhang Xinhan reported: “This truck is delivering goods to the third lady.”
“What kind of goods are you sending?” Su Mei frowned involuntarily.
“I don’t know what a sheep-shaped balloon that is inflated up to a hundred meters long is used for.” Zhang Xinhan was a little confused and couldn’t think of a use.
Ride? It was too dangerous. Without absolute safety guarantee, Miss San would not ride on something that might explode or float out of the atmosphere.
/Commercial? Miss San does not participate in any specific activities in the company’s operations.
Su Mei stretched out her fingers and pressed her temples. She knew that Liu Changan had been tortured by Zhu Juntang and had to invite her back.
It’s just that in the past, Su Mei would ban Zhu Juntang at every turn. Isn’t it possible that she was agitated by this rare and rare species and wanted to stuff Zhu Juntang back into her belly from time to time and recreate it?
Su Mei thought for a while and decided that she would be better at taking care of Zhu Juntang than Liu Changan. In this regard, he was like many ordinary fathers. While he was furious with his precious daughter, he turned around and felt curious that after all, it was his own. My darling, I can’t bear to do anything harsh.
Liu Changan must have always been fierce to Zhu Juntang, but she would always lift her up high and lower her gently. As time went by, she became even more disobedient and lawless.
Dad educates his daughter to become a talented person. Whether or not she becomes a talented person often depends on luck.
The convoy drove into the city, slowed down, and began to disperse near the Baolong Center. They drove into various streets and alleys for inspection, and then met at the entrance of the underground garage. They lined up again and entered the underground parking lot with the red flag L5 in the center. The bread people led by Zhongqing took over the security affairs.
/Zhong Qing and Jin Xiaomei have already led the staff stationed here to wait for a long time.
“Madam, welcome back.” Zhong Qing got up early in the morning and put on bright and attractive makeup, looking fresh and cheerful. No matter how bright the smile on his face was, there would be no embarrassing situation like powder stuck