“This lazy pig’s trotters is good, buy more of them.” Liu Changan ordered six pig’s trotters.

Shangguan Dandan picked out a handful of meats, braised pig head meat, spicy edamame, fried pork tongue, braised fried duck, braised beef brisket, spicy tripe, spicy pork tripe, spiced pig tail, rib steak, the spicy sausage looks good too It was delicious. Shangguan Dandan hesitated for a moment and decided not to eat the pig-pudding cake.
Liu Changan stopped by and bought four glasses of juice, and then the four of them walked around and turned to the front of the Pozi Street Police Station. There happened to be a stone table and chairs for tourists to rest next to it, and the four of them sat there and started eating and drinking.
It happened that Shangguan Dandan and Zhou Shuling were also given legal education.
This is very necessary. After all, of the two of them, Shangguan Dandan is lawless, and many of his words and deeds are often inconsistent with the core socialist values. For example, the last time Gou Shanhai and his son came to Zhou Shuling’s store to cause trouble, Shangguan Dandan wanted Liu Changan to Killing them, and feeling that he would be unlovable if his body was splashed with blood, his thoughts are different from ordinary people’s reactionary thoughts, and he regards human life as nothing.
As for Zhou Shuling, she has a weak temperament and is often bullied. She does not know how to take up legal weapons to defend her rights. Her main coping methods are to hide and cry and look at Liu Changan with an aggrieved expression.
/(Zhou Dongdong), this creature is already in a state of being unable to interact, so naturally it is impossible to educate her on the law.
The example he chose was Hei Baoshan, a famous gangster in the 1990s. He told the story of the extreme crimes Hei Baoshan committed. He also used cases to describe that era of chaos and lack of security. Zhou Shuling was shocked and frightened when he heard that. I’m glad I haven’t experienced that kind of life.
/In fact, she has also experienced it, but she was too young and has no memory. Those born in the 1970s and 1980s have more accurate and clear memories of that era.
Shangguan Dandan was controlled by the meat and calmly stuffed a long pig tail into his mouth. Although he had a lot to say, he didn’t want to reveal that the Queen Mother had eaten a lot when he opened his mouth, so he had to first Let’s talk after swallowing.
After Liu Changan finished speaking, Shangguan Dantan took a long piece of beef ribs in his hand and said with some vigilance: “Are you talking about this because you are afraid that if I go around killing people, I will also be shot?”
Liu Changan nodded, just as her half-meter-long beef ribs stretched out in front of his face, he opened his mouth and bit off a section and started eating.
“Ah, my beef ribs!” Shangguan Dandan puffed up her cheeks. She liked to hold a long one. Even if she didn’t eat it, she would feel very satisfied. Who knew that he would bite off a piece of it, and she suddenly felt like thi