r to play games.

Zhu Juntang is probably the same, right? Who made her his own? Liu Changan hung up the phone.
“Wai! Wai! Wai Wai Wai Wai!” Zhu Juntang fell silent when he heard Liu Changan agreed. He shouted several times into the phone before humming twice and putting down the phone.
/“Hahaha, old man, you will fall into the trap one day. I had no intention of letting them actually follow that plan. It was your call instead!” Zhu Juntang happily turned into a sheep and ran wildly in the bedroom for several times. Ten meters, and then put her four hooves together to stop her body in front of the wall. Although she can’t change it according to her plan, the virtual world is still a bleating universe. Wait until you enter it to see how the little fairy sheep rides on the big fairy sheep and dominates!
Zhu Juntang is accustomed to using mobility aids to shuttle around the floors, so the space layout of the four floors has been optimized to facilitate her smooth riding on things like a balance bike without too many twists and turns. Blind spots appear.
The same goes for the bedroom, which makes it easier for Zhu Juntang to turn into a sheep and run around in a circle.
After running around excitedly for a few times, Zhu Juntang jumped on the bed, got in from one end of the quilt, and then got out from the other end, tapping his front hooves on the edge of the bed.
In fact, as an elegant young lady, Zhu Juntang usually prefers to show her static beauty instead of jumping around and running around like this.
/But after turning into a sheep, I felt very different. I just wanted to jump around when I had nothing to do, let alone when I was excited.
Many people who have raised dogs know that dogs sometimes run around for no reason at home, running from one end to another, as if they have nowhere to vent their energy.
Zhu Juntang remembered that his behavior just now was like a “sect master” who had nothing to do, so he stopped running and stayed in bed, thinking about how to conquer Liu Changan in the universe and let him take the position of the master of the Kyushu Fenglei Sword Sect. Hand it over, or admit the fact that she is the supreme leader of the Nine Provinces Fenglei Sword Sect.
Although becoming the Supreme Master of the Nine Provinces Fenglei Sword Sect came true in his own dream, as long as he has the ability to turn dreams into reality, there is no difference between dreaming and reality.
This is Zhu Juntang’s logic. Most people can’t understand it, but it doesn’t matter. Zhu Juntang never cares whether others understand it. It has no impact on her anyway. Ever since Liu Changan appeared, Zhu Juntang found that his own logic was always overturned by him. , once made Zhu Juntang suspect that this world is no longer the Meme universe.
This is probably the so-called collapse of the worldview that often makes cultivators’ heads explode in stories, but Zhu Juntang is at the master level after all, and will not collapse so easily. She must continue to fight Liu Changan’s wits and courage until he is finall