l flat-roofed buildings. The consumption is not high and the environment is quiet and easy-going. The teahouses, coffee shops and other places with a strong petty bourgeoisie flavor in the college campus are always more bookish than similar shops in the business district. , there are not so many realistic topics and faces.

Liu Yuewang was wearing a black dress with a light gray belt around her waist. There were also gray edges around the chest, which spread out naturally. The black lining made the mature woman’s upper body look less plump and wavy. Her curly hair has been around for some time, undulating like the smooth foothills of the horizon, and her waist is swaying with her hip line. The thirty-six-year-old woman has just accumulated enough connotation and knowledge, so that even if she occasionally takes the sexy route, she will not have a shallow temperament. , that kind of intellectual and professional charm can always suppress the charm that men pay most attention to.
Liu Changan will also admit that Liu Yuewang’s major is of course only her own. Like most people Liu Changan said, Liu Yuewang is only excellent in her own major and is so-so in other aspects.
An Nuan is wearing a military training uniform with a clear student logo. The girl’s delicacy is the same as that in high school. Only when the two clothes are very different, Liu Yuewang’s maturity and An Nuan’s astringency will make the biggest difference. In comparison, I feel that there may be a generation gap. Unlike when the mother and daughter are both wearing cheongsam, it makes people think that sisters are more likely.
/An Nuan turned back and glanced at Liu Changan. She asked Liu Changan what topics she had talked about with “An Nuan” recently. Liu Changan told her that they mainly talked about the views of controversial figures in the field of modern literature.
An Nuan sometimes feels a little jealous, but more often than not, she understands. It is rare for her mother to have netizens who just chat with her. Liu Changan’s erudition makes An Nuan try to read more, trying to be able to understand when he talks nonsense. It will also be very difficult to keep up with him.
It was ridiculous to really think that Liu Yuewang and Liu Changan would develop an online relationship. There were too many beautiful women around Liu Changan. If he deliberately cheated on her, An Nuan felt that she had no choice but to control it.
Just like Liu Changan said fiercely that he hoped she would tell the boy who came after her that he would die, but in fact Liu Changan never interfered with An Nuan’s interpersonal relationships. Therefore, An Nuan felt that since the basis of love is mutual respect, she would not Will really ask Liu Changan to delete the numbers of girls and women he knows? Many girls will really do this, and many boys may really compromise.
/But it feels so stupid.
Even though An Nuan was so stupid, she still felt a little jealous. If Liu Changan took the initiative to delete Bai Fen, this would be an extremely happy thing, and she could