to orthodoxy. You have failed the ancestors of Emei and failed my expectations for you.”

Yan Kongcheng was surprised and didn’t know why he said that.
There was no human emotion in Xu Fu’s eyes. He was about to take action when he inadvertently caught a glimpse of an ordinary-looking man with a dead man’s face. He was startled and his murderous intention disappeared.
Yan Kongcheng followed his gaze and saw the ordinary man, thoughtful.
Xu Fu immediately said goodbye to Yankong City and left. Xu Fu said: “Master Yan, I won’t stop you from cultivating Qi and Nuo, but you have to be aware of the hidden dangers of Nuo Immortal. Don’t go astray, or You’ve harmed your own life! Just do it for yourself!”
He stepped on the abbot’s fairy mountain and floated away.
Yan Kongcheng watched him go away, immediately turned back, came to the ordinary man, and stopped.
This man became a disciple of Emei not long ago. He is an ordinary registered disciple and calls himself Zhong Ziqiao.
“Who are you?” Yan Kongcheng asked.
Yan Kongcheng was shocked and lost his voice: “Are you the founder of the Great Shang era? You, you are almost 20,000 years old, how do you live until now?”
As the headmaster of Emei, although Yankongcheng is young, he still writes down the names of the ancestors of Emei and remembers their deeds.
Qiao Zizhong is not famous among the ancestors of Emei, and his deeds are not many. Originally, he was not eye-catching among the ancestors of the past generations.
His experience is not a legend. He worshiped in Mount Emei, practiced cultivation, had very good qualifications, very good understanding, and high cultivation level, and became the Patriarch.
In his life, he had not experienced any battles to eliminate demons and defend the Tao, nor had he done any earth-shattering deeds, nor had he had any love that could sing or cry.
But at this moment, it’s different.
He couldn’t help but be surprised when Qiao Zizhong, who was more than 20,000 years old, appeared in front of Yankong City.
Because, according to the records in Emei’s classics, the Qingshuang Patriarch had died long ago and was buried in Mount Emei!
/Qiao Zizhong said calmly: “It’s not surprising that people who cultivate immortals have the secret technique of immortality. The Nuo method itself is a branch of Qi refining. Back then, I practiced the Nuo method and became a Nuo Immortal. So I faked my death and escaped, free and easy, and became a land immortal in the human world. .”
Yan Kongcheng was doubtful and murmured: “Is the history of Nuo Immortal so long?”
Qiao Zizhong still looked like an ordinary person, and could not see anything special. He said: “There has been a drastic change in Emei, everyone disappeared, and the world has changed greatly. When I returned to this place, I thought that the Emei Taoism was lost, but I didn’t expect that the world would reappear. , you actually survived. So I became a disciple of Emei Sect again, wanting to see why the ancestors of the past generations chose you.”
Yankong City no longer hesitat