the world of heaven.”

Xu Ying asked doubtfully: “You didn’t share the spoils?”
/Zhong Xiao asked doubtfully: “Divide the spoils? Divide what spoils?”
/Xu Ying came to his senses and said with a smile: “I am being divided up as a trophy. Naturally, I don’t have a share like you gods and surviving Qi masters. To the immortals, you are just tools, worse than dogs.”
“You!” Chongxiao was furious.
Xu Ying said calmly: “Dogs need to be given bones to eat, but you are not worthy. If the tools are not used, they can be thrown away. There is no need to give bones.”
Zhong Xiao stared at Xu Ying with a fierce look in his eyes and said, “Ask me why I hate you. We, the first generation of gods, calmed down the turmoil of the primitive gods such as Kunlun and the underworld, established the heaven, and allowed all the heavens and worlds to operate under the direction of heaven. Everything is in order. But because of you, there were countless deaths and injuries, so that the New God seized power and drove us out of the heaven! Should we take revenge for this?”
Emperor Zhou couldn’t help but smile and said: “Retribution is due. However, it was not Fellow Daoist Xu who asked you to go down to the realm to intercept and kill him, nor was it Fellow Daoist Xu who took away your power. It is the Immortal Realm that does not treat your lives as fate. You have made great contributions, and there is no merit. It is the Immortal Realm that rewards you, but instead takes the opportunity to deprive you of your power. Your revenge against fellow Taoist Xu is just a swing of the knife at the weaker ones.”
Zhong Xiao was angry: “You are also a rebel!”
Zhou Tianzi sneered: “Are you not? You are not a rebel, why do you want to escape from the original world?”
This rhetorical question hit Zhong Xiao in the heart, as if he was struck by lightning, he stood there with his eyes wide open.
“Yes, I am also a rebel. I was kicked out of heaven and no longer have the divine weapon of heaven. I am no longer a god, I am a god of heretics.”
His wolf head also murmured: “As a heretic god, I do the things of gods in the original world, which means exceeding my authority, usurping power, and treason. I am guilty.”
His bird and beast said dejectedly: “I also killed the Heavenly Demon God, which made my crime even worse. It turns out that I was already a rebel.”
Zhou Tianzi sneered and said: “You have been on the pirate ship for a long time and you don’t even know it. Now that you are on the pirate ship, you should turn your hostility into friendship with fellow Taoist Xu.”
Zhong Xiao snorted, waved his sleeves angrily, and said, “Don’t even think about it! The old thief and I are sworn in!”
Xu Ying couldn’t help but get angry and sneered: “Since you are doing things in the lower world, it is not too much. I will spare your life today. If you dare to offend me again, I will send you to meet your colleagues and comrades!”
Zhong Xiao gritted his teeth, his body became taller and taller, and he said coldly: “I have the blessings of all living beings in