Cave Sky, he suddenly felt alert. He raised his hand and dragged it upward, shouting: “Who is it?”

A twelve-story building was suppressed, and the divine light of the heavy tower was released. The twelve signs of the Yuan Shen emerged from the building. Each sign contained the Dao of the Yuan Shen, the ultimate realm, that was difficult for ordinary people to comprehend!
Nuo Yang’s spiritual consciousness was unparalleled and his magic power was extremely powerful. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to kill three fishermen who had reached the ultimate level of cultivation.
But when his magical power collided with this heavy building, he was immediately crushed. Nuoyang’s white hair fluttered, and the green fairy snake under his feet rose into the sky and held up the twelve-story building!
The green fairy snake was trembling under the pressure and kept shrinking, but it still blocked the divine tower.
There was a whisper in the air, and a woman’s laughter was heard: “Zu Nuo’s cultivation is really powerful, and he can even take on the master’s treasure. It’s really amazing.”
A woman in palace clothes stood on the top floor of the twelfth floor building, opened the window lattice, and looked at Nuo Yang with a playful expression.
Nuo Yang was frightened and suddenly knew the origin of this heavy building. He tried his best to resist the crushing force of the divine building and shouted: “Girl, your master and I came from the same sect and were officials in the same dynasty back then. How dare you attack me? This is There must be a misunderstanding inside!”
The woman in palace attire was exactly Hua Cuoying. She was tracking Xu Ying and Chu Xiangxiang, but failed to find them. However, she suddenly sensed strange fluctuations in the East China Sea, so she immediately pursued them.
When she came here, she saw Nuo Yang, the Nuo ancestor, killing people, so she sacrificed the twelve-story tower and beat him.
“Are you worthy of coming out of the immortal sect with my master?”
/Hua Cuoying smiled and said, “My master said that the six of you were just shameless rats back then. Some deserters did not even dare to go to the battlefield and only dared to hide behind. It was my master who went to the front line to fight against the enemy. They were beaten to death, but after sharing the benefits, the six of you jumped out again and took over the six great Nuo ancestral caves!”
She sarcastically said: “Master also said that you robbed the six great Nuozu caves, and the six of you joined forces to fight against him, otherwise the Nuozu caves would have been taken away long ago. You have kept the Nuozu caves for so long, and now you should return them Master!”
Nuo Yang snorted coldly. At that time, the six immortals were frightened by the evil man and did not rush forward to kill him. However, they survived because of this, so they had a share in the subsequent division of the spoils.
But Hua Cuoying laughed at them, which was a bit rude.
/The group of people who were able to survive back then were not