nine hundred. There is probably no one in the world who can compete with me. “

The idiot Ah Fu continued to shake his legs.
Xu Ying said: “The Emperor of Zhou formed an alliance with me and let me control the way of heaven in order to help him survive the catastrophe. Now I find that I can only help him survive the catastrophe caused by one thousand nine hundred runes of the way of heaven, and there are still one thousand and one Hundreds of runes are beyond my control. I am not sure whether Emperor Zhou can successfully overcome the calamity.”
The fool Ah Fu still didn’t say a word, but the phoenix flower stopped trembling wildly.
Xu Ying continued: “Now that the Cangwu Abyss has disappeared, traveling to other worlds has become extremely long, and it is also difficult to find the whereabouts of those gods. Therefore, it is impossible for me to spend decades or hundreds of years searching for those gods.”
He was still talking to himself and continued: “Emperor Zhou helped me find those gods, so that I could search for so many heavenly runes. As an ally, I must keep my promise and help him survive the disaster. But I Only 60% sure.”
The fool Ah Fu still said nothing.
“That’s why I came to see you.” Xu Ying said.
There was still silence among the sycamore flowers.
/Xu Ying sighed, stood up and left. At this time, the voice of fool Afu came from behind: “You are not completely sure, so you don’t want to take the risk.”
Xu Ying stopped and looked back, only to see the fool Ah Fu sitting up at some point and sitting on the edge of the sycamore flower with his feet hanging down.
Xu Ying nodded lightly.
Xu Ying thought for a while and nodded lightly.
The fool Afu said: “I considered everything and thought there was a 100% chance of winning, so I went through the catastrophe in Yujing City, Kunlun Mountain. I calculated all possibilities, but I didn’t calculate that ascending was a given. So, your 60% chance of winning is really Is it a 60% chance of winning?”
/Xu Ying frowned slightly and said, “What do you mean?”
The fool Afu said: “You have considered your chance of winning, but you have forgotten Emperor Zhou. He is more eager than anyone else to overcome the tribulation and become an immortal. He will risk his own wealth and life for your 60% chance of winning. Offend the gods of heaven.”
Xu Ying’s eyes gradually brightened.
The fool Afu said: “Similarly, he will do anything for the remaining 40% chance of winning. Therefore, your chance of winning is more than 60%.”
Xu Ying smiled: “Thank you.”
He turned around and walked away, and behind him came the laughter of fool Afu: “Xu Jun, I’m very happy that you can ask me.”
Xu Ying turned around and smiled at him.
Grand Master Jiang Qi came to Jiuyi Mountain and saw Xu Ying and Fool Ah Fu on the sacred sycamore tree. He was slightly startled: “He is not dead yet?”
The eyes of the fool Ah Fu made contact with his. Master Jiang used to see a wise man with pearls of wisdom, but now he saw Ah Fu who was as simple as a fool.
“That ascension was a big blow to