n suddenly changed.

“Oops!” Cold sweat rolled down his forehead.
In his arms was a volume of “Ni Wan Hidden Scenery Qi Refining Technique”, which was the Qi Refining Technique taught to him by the Zhou family when he took refuge in it!
The Zhou family strictly prohibits it. The Qi refining method can be learned and practiced, but it is strictly forbidden to copy it and to spread it to outsiders. Anyone who violates it will have the whole family destroyed, three souls killed, and seven souls scattered!
If any outsider takes a look, his eyes will be gouged out, his mind will be wiped out, and he will become an idiot!
Ding Quan had selfish motives, so he secretly recorded the “Niwan Hidden Scenery Qi Refining Method” that he had memorized. But now, this method has disappeared!
“Did it get lost during the battle with Xu Ying?”
With cold sweat rolling down his forehead, he struggled to get up, returned the same way, and looked around, but he never found it.
“Could it be”
He thought of the time when Xu Ying removed all the joints in his body, and his heart felt cold, “At that time, he stole it from my arms?”
His vision went dark and he almost fainted.
If the Zhou family’s Qi refining method is spread to outsiders, then he will face the Zhou family’s most severe and crazy punishment!
“We must get rid of Xu Ying and regain the Qi Refining Method!”
At night, Xu Ying and the snake demon Jian Qi hid in an abandoned temple in Shishan. Xu Ying lit a bonfire, and the snake demon Jian Qi got close to the flames and roasted his body.
The snake demon is afraid of cold. If it is cold, Qi and blood will not flow properly, and it will freeze and hibernate. Therefore, it likes to be close to the fire at night.
Xu Ying gave him half of the duck he brought and ate some dry food to deal with it.
In fact, the Qinyan Cave in Wuwang Mountain was not that far away. With their strong legs, they could reach it in a day at most. However, the gods and demons danced wildly along the way, and Nuo masters pursued them, which delayed their trip.
Xu Ying took advantage of the fact that it was not completely dark yet and walked around. He saw that the ruined temple was not big, and there was a large hall in front of it. It was unknown what kind of deity it was enshrined. Not only did there not be any statues, there was not even a shrine.
There is a pavilion in the backyard, and in the pavilion hangs a large copper bell as tall as a person, which is already rusty.
Under the big bronze bell is a deep hexagonal well. Looking down, it is pitch black and bottomless. There are black iron chains as thick as calfs hanging on the walls of the well, and the other end of the chain goes deep into the well.
/Xu Ying tugged on the black iron chain. It was extremely heavy, and a clattering echo came from the well.
/“Most of the gods enshrined here have run away.” Xu Ying thought to himself.
He returned to the bonfire, slowly mixed his breath, mobilized his energy and blood, and slowly used the Xiangli Niu Demon Fist, saying: “Gan Qi, I will teach yo