n Baiyu, Master Huolong and Han Zekang also looked behind Xu Ying with horrified expressions. Shen Baiyu straightened his legs and made a floating posture.

Han Zekang said quickly: “It’s too late!”
Xu Ying saw bright light coming from behind, and turned around suddenly. Sure enough, he saw Zixi floating behind him. His six caves were like the sun with only halos, but it was much brighter than the sun!
Zixi smiled and said: “Xu Ying, you didn’t notice when I came behind you. It seems that my cultivation level has surpassed yours by far. Now, can you still cut down my cave?”
Li Pingsheng and Shen Baiyu were stunned, and Shen Baiyu said, “Which promise? Isn’t he Chu Tiandu?”
/Han Zekang sighed and said, “Which other promise could it be? It’s the evil promise.”
The two of them looked at each other with pale faces, and thought to themselves: “If I had known better, we might as well have pretended to be human skin lanterns and hung them there.”
Xu Ying flicked his finger, and behind Zi Xi, the Niwan Cave Sky only shook slightly, but was not chopped down by him.
Xu Ying’s heart gradually sank. Only when the difference in cultivation level was too great, he would be unable to use his ancestor’s method to kill people in the cave. Now Zixi’s cultivation level is probably far beyond his!
At this time, Zixi probably already possesses the power of an Immortal King.
Even if Xu Ying sacrifices the four magic weapons, it is impossible to achieve that kind of power. Only in Penglai Fairyland and with the help of the power of the fairyland can he have the strength to decisively fight the Immortal King.
But unfortunately, Penglai Wonderland is not here.
Zixi put his hands behind his back and said with a leisurely smile: “Actually, even if you kill my six caves, I don’t care. Without these six caves, my magic power is still far superior to yours.”
After Xu Ying’s death, the cave in the immortal world reappeared, connecting immortals and humans.
The last thing that flew out was the Huntian Cauldron. Water and fire surged in the cauldron and spread out, combining water and fire.
Xu Ying’s mana is rising steadily and his expression is cautious. This battle will probably be his most dangerous one!
At this time, a gentle voice was heard: “Dare I ask this young master, is he the young master of promise?”
/Xu Ying, Zixi and others followed the sound and saw several beautiful and tall girls arriving nearby at some unknown time. The leader was a girl in red clothes and white collar.
Xu Ying smiled and said: “I am Xu Ying, but I am not a young master.”
The girl in red said in surprise: “Are you Mr. Xu? Mr. Xu, we come from the ancestral court of the demon clan, and were inspired by the demon ancestor’s consciousness to come to find you! If the demon ancestor wants to see you, please be sure to go to the ancestral court of the demon clan. !”
“The Demon Clan’s Ancestral Court? Ling Siyi, I’m afraid Mr. Yuxu Xu will not be able to accompany you to the Demon Clan’s Ancestral Court.”
A voice came from far away. Looking