niques to practice in the immortal world. Let alone the Supreme techniques, even the Immortal King techniques will break their heads!

Some other people jumped off the boat and followed the man to the Supreme Dojo.
/Someone activated his magical power, and a ball of fire rushed into the fog. The fire exploded and was as dazzling as thousands of suns. Finally, he saw something in the fog.
It’s not a fairy court, and there’s no Supreme Being. There are only dragon-like and python-like monsters that are surrounding the immortals who just got off the boat and are eating people!
The mist was filled with coolness, and no one said a word. Suddenly the mist dissipated, and the river bank was covered with ownerless fairy grass and elixir. The fragrance was fragrant and indescribably alluring.
Someone couldn’t help but use his magical power from afar to collect a fairy medicine. It turned out to be a real fairy medicine!
Seeing this, the others could still bear it, so they all took action and picked the elixir from the air.
However, every time a plant is picked, there is one less person on the boat and one more elixir plant, while on the shore there is a picker of elixir plants, like elixir plants, planted in the soil.
There were more than a dozen people missing from the boat, and only some elixirs were left standing on the fairy raft like people, which was very strange. The herb collectors on the shore looked in pain and shouted to them for help.
After a while, the mist came, and the elixirs laughed and disappeared from the fairy tree.
The dilapidated Xiancha carried them through the ancient river. The decaying ships in the river, the tenacious ancient creatures, and the ancient corpses that died in the river created all kinds of strange phenomena.
After an unknown amount of time, they finally drove out of the chaotic fog. The sound of rushing water came from ahead, and a large river suddenly appeared and caught their sight.
Xiancha drove forward along this big river and went all the way.
/At the end of the Tianhe River is the ancestral court!
“The dry Tianhe actually has water again!” Xiao Xixian was extremely surprised. The last time she came here, there was no water in Tianhe!
After a few days, they finally arrived at the ancestral court.
There were originally a hundred or ten people on the boat, but now there were only forty or fifty left. Everyone walked down the Xiancha with lingering fear. One of the old men said: “Xiao Xixian, what you said is universally praised, are all those who are not universally praised dead?”
Xiao Xixian smiled and said: “The old immortal is smart.”
As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly let out a startled cry and looked up at the sky in the ancestral court.
The auspicious clouds are surging in the sky of the ancestral court, the glow is everywhere, and the ancient avenue of heaven and earth is slowly recovering!
There are still huge immortal weapons floating in the sky. They must have been refined not long ago. The surface of the immortal weapons is imprinted with stra