ms and was about to take back the bucket when he saw a golden roc fluttering its wings in the dark night. It whistled, stretched out its claws to grab the bucket and flew away. He flew tens of thousands of miles in an instant!

The figure of the owner of the big furry hand jumped up, with demonic and Taoist power surging. Under the big hand, the palaces, walls and mansions around Xu Ying collapsed one after another, and the earth cracked, leaving only Xu Ying standing where he was.
Xu Ying looked calm: “Seventh Master.”
Suddenly, King Kong Zhuo flew out and hit the head of the owner of the big furry hand. It made a crisp impact and cracked the head of the owner of the big furry hand. His brains were flowing out, and all his strength was almost dispersed!
/An Qi was about to sacrifice King Kong Zhuo and put away the golden body of the Great Sage, when suddenly he felt sharp claws swinging in the dark night, and couldn’t help but scream: “Master Zhong!”
The big bell fell from the sky, and the bell rang loudly. Immortal sounds were loud for a while, and various sealing runes flowed, hanging down along with the light curtain. It was the rune promised by the emperor’s seal, which was displayed by it, and circled around Anchi. .
On the wall of the bell, the insect mother fluttered her wings and flew up, turning into countless tiny fairy insects that shuttled through the dark night, looking for the person who had sacrificed the golden body of the Great Sage.
The sharp claws swung out, tearing apart the immortal runes one by one, and the speed became slower and slower. The big bell exhausted all its strength, and the bell body almost deformed, and finally blocked the blow.
However, the claw master’s other claw has already torn apart the space and is attacking!
Xian Qi offered the Vajra Zhuo and was about to block the owner of the sharp claws. Suddenly, he saw the owner of the sharp claws pushing the golden mountain and knocking down the jade pillar. He fell down and there was no movement.
On the shoulder of the owner of the sharp claw, there was a man with a tiger face and a human body. Suddenly, countless insects came out of his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. The man’s flesh and blood were hollowed out, leaving only the skin.
The fairy insect cannot bite the golden body of the Great Saint, but it can still bite the demon clan that sacrificed the golden body of the Great Saint.
/“The insect mother is really a man!”
Xian Qi praised the Vajra and offered it to the Vajra. Suddenly a hand came out from the side and flicked the Vajra away.
Outside the wall, a big raccoon leaped into the air, opened its mouth and sucked the Vajra into its mouth, then turned into a golden light and disappeared through the air.
An Qi sensed it repeatedly, but could not sense the Vajra, and had no way to sacrifice it. He stood there blankly. The big bell also exhausted its power and fell from the air with a clang, hitting him next to him.
Shi Shiran, the man who bounced the King Kong Zhuo, came up. He was wrapped tightly in a white