t and the sky became dark.

This small barren hill gradually became brighter, and the light became brighter and brighter. The light was like a candle, but it illuminated the sky, and seemed to be able to illuminate another world!
Yuan Weiyang, Xiao Bo and Xian Qi had never seen such a scene before, and they all raised their heads to look, but what Xu Yong saw with his eyes was thousands of times more magnificent than this scene!
“It is recorded in the Imperial Chronicles of the Great Sage Mingxiao that the emperor and his servants arrived at Cangwu and entered the netherworld through Guizailing.”
Xu Ying turned around and saw Zhou Qiyun getting up at some point and coming behind them, looking up at the small barren hill. However, the small barren hill at this moment has become extremely majestic, far higher than other nearby peaks!
“It was from here that the Great Sage Emperor entered the underworld, found the Heavenly Court of the Underworld, talked with the Emperor of the Underworld, and made an agreement to unify the divine and imperial power in the underworld. The Great Sage Emperor became comatose in his later years, which destroyed his prosperous age and the Yin Court I also took the opportunity to break the agreement and intervene in the underworld.”
Zhou Qiyun walked towards the mountain and said, “Today I follow the example of the Great Sage Emperor and visit the Yin Court. You can come with me.”
Xu Ying followed him step by step and asked, “Did Ancestor Zhou imitate the Great Sage Emperor and make another agreement with the Emperor Yin Ting to unify the divine and imperial powers?”
Zhou Qiyun said leisurely: “If I were the emperor and wanted to serve the people of the world, I would go to the underworld to renew the agreement. But I am not. The emperor Zhangwu, the holy god of the imperial court, is still here. As a minister, how can I exceed my authority? Isn’t that right? rebellion?”
He paused and said, “I’m here only for myself.”
He made no secret of his selfishness.
Xu Ying thought about it, wondering whether he came to the underworld to prevent the underworld from causing trouble when he attempted to usurp the throne, or to expel the underworld to protect Yongzhou?
/Zhou Qiyun led them into the increasingly towering mountain, and the candlelight in the sky became brighter. As they climbed the mountain step by step, they suddenly saw endless divine light pouring down from the sky.
At this moment, both Xu Ying and Yuan Weiyang felt the strong will and abnormal power from another world, coming one after another and pouring into those large and small stone statues!
The stone statue grew taller and bigger with a roar, and the divine light around it reached a height of a thousand feet. It sat on ancient trees that were no less generous than the big locust trees.
They sat on the branches of the ancient tree, like birds, looking at Xu Ying and others without any emotion in their eyes.
Xu Ying looked up and saw the divine light shining in the sky. Thousands of divine lights formed the dome of a ha