l Qi and blood for cultivation.” Da Zhong said.

Si Wuxie was silent for a moment and said, “Why don’t you absorb the essence of the sun and moon to practice?”
“How slow is that? After you steal their energy and blood, you no longer want to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon.”
/Si Wuxie was a little worried, wondering whether she should have the evil thought of cutting off the bell, or whether she should cut the bell.
With all six secrets of Shi Yuqing unlocked, he planned to open the mountain gate, prepare to accept disciples, and carry forward and pass on the secret knowledge of Shushan Sword Sect.
Recruiting a disciple requires testing one’s talent and talent, and checking one’s bones. When teaching a disciple, one must first teach them how to read and write.
Xu Ying naturally didn’t have the patience to teach, but fortunately, he still had Master Cangyang and Gong Qi.
Although they look a bit scary, they are much more patient than Xu Ying in imparting knowledge to their disciples.
“If I were Tao Danyang, I would take advantage of the Shushan Sword Gate to open the gate, recruit many disciples, change my appearance, sneak into the Sword Gate, change my appearance, and become your disciple Yuqing.”
Xu Ying said to Shi Yuqing, “I sneaked back to the Sword Gate, and while I mastered the art of returning to my true form of swordsmanship, I also took revenge.”
She looked solemn and said: “My master is very vindictive. If you leave Jianmen, you will easily be targeted by him. The mountains and rivers here are beautiful and the scenery is pleasant. If you like it here, you might as well stay here forever.”
Xu Ying’s heart suddenly suddenly burst into laughter, and he said, “You are reluctant to let me leave Jianmen, so you deliberately scared me, right?”
Shi Yuqing smiled sweetly. She was not a particularly beautiful woman, with average appearance, but she was very charming at this moment.
Although Shi Yuqing said so, Xu Ying still took Jin Buyi back to Fusang Tree. Jin Buyi’s condition was not very good, so he had to return to the merchant tribe and ask the Nuo masters among the merchants to contribute some elixirs to him.
/Many of the merchants have become qi alchemists and have unlocked the six secrets of the human body. They offer gold and elixirs to extend his life, in exchange for the peace of the tribe.
Shi Yuqing also followed him to the merchant tribe, intending to select some young people with outstanding qualifications and send them to Jianmen to practice.
Jin Buyi got better under the care of the Nuo master in the tribe, and squatted on the tree to take a nap again. Xu Ying did not disturb it, let it rest, and came to Shi Yuqing to help her select a young man with good qualifications.
Anhui Qipan was placed under the hibiscus tree. From time to time, the divine fire of the sun poured down from above, roasting him until he was half-done or half-done, but Qiye was already used to it.
Moreover, the Seventh Master has recently comprehended the Sword Immortal Cliff and has greatly improved h