to you, this is Lu Bei of the Emperor’s Sect, the leader of the three states, and a descendant of Zhu. In terms of seniority, I am still him. Where is grandpa!”

Lu Bei:
Something felt wrong. After thinking about it carefully, based on Zhu Qilan’s relationship, it seemed that he was really his grandfather.
It turns out that I have someone in the Huangji Sect!
For a moment, Lu Bei’s eyes shone. It was his fault that he spoke too softly before. He admitted his mistake, but he would not be able to do it again in the future.
/Jing Ji continued to sneer, put his fists in his sleeves, and slowly released them after a moment: “Nephew Lu Xian, Jing is here to see you this time.”
“What, Elder Jing is Zhu’s uncle?”
Zhu Heng was shocked: “After this calculation, Zhu has become Elder Jing’s uncle. In this way, how can a person like Elder Jing lose his identity in vain?”
Lu Bei raised his hand and scratched his head. He had heard people say in the past that the Emperor Jizong and the Tianjian Sect were not able to deal with each other. Whenever the two sides met, they wanted to strangle each other to death. At that time, he had no idea, but now he has some clues.
Not to mention, it’s quite interesting to eat melon from the perspective of a passerby.
I hope there will be a fight in the next second!
Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Jing Jili ignored Zhu Heng and just pretended that the pig didn’t exist: “Nephew Lu Xian, Jing this time…”
A window was opened in a room below, and a familiar voice sounded again: “I’m not done with what’s on the roof. It’s okay to disturb my sleep in the middle of the night. It also delays my business in broad daylight. This is Qunxiangyuan, not a big teahouse. We want to chat.” If you go somewhere else, come down now if you want to blow.”
After saying that, the girl threw out fifty taels of silver notes: “This is tea money. I’ll accept my fault and invite you to drink tea. Go away quickly, don’t affect the guests’ enjoyment.”
The camera turned and the four people came to the mountains outside the city.
/Zhu Heng stood next to Lu Bei with a smile on his face. He opened his mouth to speak about his grandfather and shut his mouth about his own people. He immediately opened the relationship between Lu Bei and Jing Ji, making the latter very angry.
I told you to send a princess to take care of Lu Bei, but I didn’t listen. Now it’s better. The Emperor’s Sect has mixed up with a grandpa, and the Tianjian Sect doesn’t even get anything out of it.
The taste of senior sister!
Lu Bei took the jade slip and browsed it quickly. The information in the letter was as he expected. Zhan Hongqu asked Bai Jin for help and asked him to blow the wind on his pillow. Don’t embarrass Zhan Lexian. The price is right. He can deliver the goods with one hand and pick up the goods with the other. Don’t be too greedy.
As for Lu Bei’s losses, Bai Jin stated in her letter that she would make up for it.
How to make up for it can be summed up in four words.
Definitely next time.
I haven’t paid back wha