vaded the Daming Palace?”

Lou Mingyu suddenly stopped urging Daohua Wangyang and said loudly, “Please leave your name.”
Without saying a word, the thin-film man walked straight through the vast ocean of flowers. Countless fruits hung high in front of him, exuding heart-stopping fluctuations.
Lou Mingyu suddenly withdrew his strength just now and did not continue to use Daohua Wangyang to block this person, just to mobilize the Dao power of thousands of Dao fruits here.
The power exuded by the Dao Fruit is ten times that of the vast ocean of Dao Flowers!
Rao Shi Na Miao Ren was the leader of the rebel army in the uprising that year. He participated in the battles to annihilate the major ancestral courts such as Demon Ancestor, Ancestral God, Shangqing, and Yuxu. He also participated in the decisive battle to siege Ziwei Immortal Court. Now he faced the Daming Palace. The Dao Fruit is overwhelming, and I can’t help but feel a little palpitated.
“Holy Lord Yuan Yu has produced a lot of good things in recent years!”
The thin-film man suddenly moved and rushed towards Daoguo Wangyang. The next moment, thousands of Daoguo powers exploded, blocking him, forcing him to fight head-on with the Daoguo power!
/The thin-film man repeated his old tricks, once again activating the Dao Tree Dao Fruit and Daluotian, and faced off against thousands of Dao Fruits!
/However, this time the power of Dao Fruit Wangyang was too great. The Dao Fruits were like a great golden immortal. The Dao Power struck him, shaking the Da Luo Tian, ??causing the Dao Tree to sway and retreat continuously!
The thin film man is also amazing, he can actually use some magical powers under such pressure.
His little magical power is so wonderful that he can block the impact of thousands of Dao fruits one by one, which is dazzling. Lou Mingyu has never seen anyone who can refine small magical powers to such a level, not even the Holy Lord!
He staggered back without showing any sign of defeat, and finally took the blow and steadied himself.
“The Holy Lord is worthy of being a Holy Lord.”
The thin-film man finally spoke, his voice was low and he couldn’t distinguish the sound lines, and praised, “He met the ancestor god in the human world, and when he was not here, he was able to block me with only the arrangements he left behind and one disciple. That year The big brother of the rebel army is indeed worthy of his reputation!”
At this time, another thin-film man walked through the forest of Tao trees and the ocean of Tao flowers, came to his side, and said leisurely: “The Holy Lord’s cultivation strength was always above Qing Xuanzi’s back then, until Qing Xuanzi created the method to prove the Supreme Tao. Only then did he climb ahead of him. But even so, the gap in cultivation did not widen too far. The Holy Lord also attained the position of honor shortly after Qing Xuanzi attained enlightenment.”
This film person’s face also seems to be covered with a film. Although the facial features can be clearly seen, the specific appearance cannot be seen cl