it sailed into this ancient ruins.

Xu Ying and others, the two scouts from the other side on the ship, and the immortals from the many relics of the vestibule era, couldn’t help but feel stunned.
“Visitors from the other side!”
“The flood source of the three realms!”
“The green ship in the sea of ??chaos!”
The three parties each cried out in surprise. The next moment, the two scouts from the other side rose into the air, activated the transformation, revealed the body of the ancient god, and their magic power exploded!
Next to Xu Ying, Yuan Weiyang and Ming Dao Emperor rose into the sky to meet the two scouts from the other side.
Xu Ying activated the martial arts cave abyss, and the cave abyss roared downwards, swallowing the core of the great avenue of the flood source of the three realms into the cave abyss!
At the same time, the terrifying power from the ruins invaded, suppressed him, and invaded the stone sword array!
At the same time, above the incomplete sword body of the Immortal Killing Sword in the sword formation, small caves and abyss were spinning one after another, and they were about to activate the sword formation on behalf of Xu Ying!
“Master Jian, don’t panic, Master is here to help you!”
The big bell clanged, green, and hung above the broken sword. Cave abyss of astonishing scale started to activate, and the sword array suddenly erupted!
Refining the Zhuxian Broken Sword has made some small achievements in the past five or six years, but the cultivation level is still shallow, and it is far from enough to master this formation. But Da Zhong is a great master who has followed Xu Ying in practice, and his magic power has long been close to that of a supreme master.
Although its magic power is not as powerful as promised, it is not trivial. The power of the Zhuxian Sword Formation explodes, and the sword power of a huge stone sword is merged with the sword power of the Zhuxian Sword. It cuts into the nearest building like a plow through a cave. The ruins, cut open the ruins like a piece of stone!
The Immortal from the Former Court Era in the ruins did not bother to suppress Xu Ying, and immediately confronted the sword array. When the two collided, his aura was shaken, but he saw the sword energy sweeping in all directions, beating his self-contained ruins into thousands of wounds. There are hundreds of holes and devastation everywhere.
The immortal was surrounded by black water and was pierced by the sword energy. There were many small holes in his body, and black smoke was emitting. He couldn’t help but be shocked and angry.
/When the immortals in the other ruins saw this, they immediately allocated part of their magic power and worked together to suppress it and fight against the Immortal Killing Sword Formation.
For a moment, the bells rang loudly, and the power of the sword array increased rapidly to compete with these forces.
At the same time, Xu Ying noticed that the power suppressing him was reduced, and immediately took action, pouring powerful mana into the sword formation!