es, when he was in seclusion and entering concentration, a monkey escaped along the damaged part of his cave.

“This monkey also injured you?”
Yu Xuantong called his disciples, and sure enough he saw that these disciples had many Dao injuries on their bodies. What made him even more furious was that these Dao injuries all appeared in the same location!
This position is also the position of his Taoist injury!
Yu Xuantong checked it out, with a serious look on his face, and said: “He used Tai Shang Dao to hurt you, and he hurt you all in the same position?”
All the disciples looked ashamed, lowered their heads, and did not dare to say anything.
Yu Xuantong sneered and said: “Practice my Taoism, follow my cave abyss, sneak into my cave, use my supreme Taoism to injure my disciples, and the wounds will be exactly the same as mine. How brave! This From which cave did this monkey come out?”
One of the eldest disciples, Luan Shizong, quickly pointed to a hole behind Yu Xuantong’s head and said, “Disciple saw that the monkey crawled out of the crack in this hole.”
/Yu Xuantong looked at the cave and abyss, his face changed slightly: “This cave and abyss corresponds to the three realms of the universe. Hao Yi, who injured me, is from the three realms.”
Regarding the three realms of the universe, it has become a thorn in the flesh of many immortal true kings. First, the Tongtian Taoist from the Three Realms caused a bloody storm on the other side. Later, Hao Yi, who came to study, suddenly exposed his minions and attacked almost all the other side. In the end, several immortal true kings died before he was killed.
However, before Hao Yi’s incident ended, another group of natives from the Three Realms flew to the other side following Cuiyan and became rogue bandits.
Now there is actually another monkey running from the Three Realms, and running along the cracks in his cave and abyss to the other side!
“There are so many universes in the Chaos Sea, but none of them are as difficult as the three realms. It is better to find the three realms as soon as possible and raise this barren land as soon as possible!”
Just when Yu Xuantong thought of this, a huge spiritual consciousness suddenly fluctuated in the void and turned into a voice and was transmitted to his mind.
“Fellow Taoist Yin Yuanzi has met with misfortune!”
Yu Xuantong was shocked and lost his voice: “Yin Yuanzi is dead? How is this possible? As the immortal true king on the other side, his cave abyss connects thousands of universes and spreads all over the Chaos Sea. Even if he encounters a powerful enemy that cannot be matched, He could escape through the cave at any time, so how could he die? Could it be some kind of bad luck?”
He walked outside and came to the outside of the cave, only to see that his cave was high in the clouds, with chaos and vastness below, and a myriad of phenomena. Immortal kings were waking up from seclusion and walking out of the cave heaven paradise.
On the other side, things are going to change.
Yu Xuantong said silently in hi