of the Three Realms, but Yin Yuanzi blocked us and threatened us. Let’s search for the Three Realms. Therefore, we haven’t had time to report the location of the Three Realms yet.”

Xu Ying nodded lightly, and while looking at Bian Suocheng, he glanced at him secretly, thinking about whether to kill him.
Shi Tianyang seemed to be aware of the approaching crisis and felt uneasy.
After a while, Xu promised: “You are very cooperative, I will not kill you. During the days in the Three Realms, you will follow me and don’t move around at will. Don’t worry, I am a well-known trustworthy person in the Three Realms and never break my promise.”
Shi Tianyang bowed and said yes.
Xu Ying mobilized his magic power and urged this green rock boat to sail towards the human world.
The Holy Lord, the Ancestral God and others were standing outside the ruins, not moving yet, not daring to enter the ruins. These days, the owners of those ruins have not acted rashly, but the abyss has gradually descended, compatible with the ruins.
Earth-shaking changes have taken place in the ruins, and Yuan Weiyang’s senses are the most acute, saying: “Yuanhai is repairing their alien avenue.”
When everyone heard this, they felt awe-inspiring.
/The masters of these ruins have experienced catastrophe. Their own avenues have been seriously damaged, their cultivation has been seriously damaged, and their strength has been greatly reduced. Therefore, they can still barely fight with each other. If the opponent’s strength recovers, there will be no chance of a confrontation!
The Ancestral God tried his best to suppress the injury and said: “The calamity will not disappear. As long as the calamity remains, they will never leave these ruins.”
His injuries were the most serious this time, but fortunately, the core of Hongyuan was integrated into the Three Realms, and his cultivation strength increased sharply, which was enough to refine these injuries.
The distant ancestor said: “They can’t leave the ruins, but they can expand the ruins. If they sit back and ignore it, the entire human world will be shrouded by the ruins of the front court! Maybe it will cover the three realms, it is possible! In this way, the three realms will It’s a ruin, why do they need to leave the ruins?”
Everyone’s hearts were heavy. The distant ancestors’ guess was probably the idea of ??the owners of the ruins of the front court to occupy the three realms, transform the avenues of heaven and earth in the three realms, and turn this place into another front court!
“Everyone, it is useless to stay here. Please hurry up and practice.”
/Ancestor God said, “I will stay in the human world and guard this ruins, but if there is anything unusual, I will notify you.”
Everyone nodded silently and left.
Not long after they left, Xu Ying drove the Cuiyan Tower boat to this place. The Ancestral God quickly descended from the sky and turned into a young man and landed on the Cuiyan Tower boat. He glanced at Shi Tianyang in confusion and said, “Xu Daozu, this is ?”
“Shi Tianyang,