Lu Bei shook his head slightly, and his mask turned into a grimace at will. He raised his five fingers, and his strange strength penetrated the air, suppressing the sky above Yuan’an City.
As soon as a thought flashed through, the heaven and earth shook, and everything resonated with it.
boom! !
The city was covered with clouds and rain, and everyone was unconscious. Even the beasts gathered together fell into a deep sleep due to the thunder in their ears.
At this time, Gu Zongchen took action again, and the Buddha’s light shone and dispersed the pink sky, leaving Yuan’an City quiet and peaceful.
“Look at what you’ve done!”
Yang Dian punched in anger, knocking Ji Wuhou down with one blow. The latter held his head and endured the punches and kicks, still muttering to himself that it was impossible.
He placed Qin Shiwen in Yuan’an City and secretly kept a secret. Not only did the city lord contact him at any time to report the situation, he also had a magic weapon to suppress him in case Qin Shiwen rose up and did some evil deeds.
As a result, the city lord did not contact him, and the magic weapon remained motionless, as if the years were peaceful and nothing happened.
Ho ho ho
A silent roar came, and the blood-colored confusion in the City Lord’s Mansion was released again. In the haze, there was golden light and lust. The Bone Bodhisattva painted a beautiful woman’s skin, inviting all parties to go to the Paradise of Paradise.
Yang Dian shouted angrily, stepped through the void and rushed towards him.
Gu Zongchen was faster than him, and his divine feet were as fast as lightning. He looked intently down from the sky above the city lord’s mansion, and his eyes could see the source of evil thoughts through the many formation seals.
/A four-square formation surrounds the altar, and white jade sculptures kneel down to pray, with their hands clasped together in a pious gesture. Under the texture, veins and blood vessels are clearly visible, and on the white chest, you can faintly see the heartbeat beating with the breathing.
In the center of the altar, the six-armed Bodhisattva has a white and holy face, a flawless jade body, and perfect curve proportions. Although he is naked, there is no trace of obscenity.
Gu Zongchen didn’t think so.
Around the altar, there are blood lines shaped like blood vessels. Each tentacle penetrates deeply into the earth, spreading the boundless desires of the six-armed Bodhisattva and dragging the people all over the city into the hell of Slaanesh.
Gu Zongchen saw the truth at a glance. This was the evil method used by monks to destroy desires. He could not pass the Slaanesh barrier, so he passed on the disaster to others.
“My Buddha is compassionate!”
The little monk has an expressionless face, and the golden wheel behind his back stretches infinitely, just like a big sun rising into the sky, illuminating all the monsters and monsters in the world.
The six-armed Bodhisattva felt it, his beautiful face was astonished, his beautiful eyes were like mist making w