slowly merged with the time hole abyss.

This reincarnation hole is rumbling, cutting into time and space, cutting into the past and invading the future!
Tian Chengzi couldn’t help but be moved when he saw this scene. Xu Ying’s attainments on the Avenue of Time and Space are still not as good as his, but his attainments on the Avenue of Reincarnation are far superior to his!
“He has gone further than me in reincarnation! I practiced wrongly in many places.”
He stared at the promised abyss of reincarnation, which was confirmed by his own understanding of the great path of reincarnation, and he immediately discovered many errors and omissions.
At this time, another hole of cause and effect appeared in the back of Xu Ying’s head. As soon as the cause and effect came out, people with subtle Taoist techniques and stable Taoist hearts on Qionghua Island immediately noticed something strange and checked one after another, but could not find any clues.
Xu Ying mobilized the Cave of Cause and Effect to be compatible with the Cave of Reincarnation, and pulled various causal lines in time toward the Cave of Reincarnation.
Gradually, the Samsara Cave Abyss formed a cycle of reincarnation.
Xu Ying’s practice is similar to the cultivation method of the Golden Wheel of Cause and Effect, except that one uses cause and effect to refine the golden wheel, and the other uses reincarnation to unify cause and effect.
The Golden Wheel of Cause and Effect is more pure and can gather all its own causes and effects in a short period of time and gain insight into the cause and effect changes in the entire universe.
The reincarnation of cause and effect is even more vast and can connect the past and future and unify those causes and effects.
“With my strength, I cannot unify the cause and effect of everyone on the other side. I am afraid that only the Taoist master can have the chance to do it. What I can do is to unify everyone on Qionghua Island. cause and effect.”
Xu Ying said, “Tian Chengzi, I will cast the spell, and you will protect it for me!”
/Rao Tianchengzi is a master of the avenue. He couldn’t help but be so excited that he couldn’t control himself. He said in a hoarse voice: “The mistakes made back then can finally be corrected now.”
But he had witnessed it.
Faced with this catastrophe, the strong men on the other side had no choice but to kill each other and allowed their disciples, relatives and friends to kill each other. In the end, out of the fifty-eight Taoist masters, only Hua, Lin, and Luo had the last laugh.
From then on, the other shore was no longer the other shore.
Tian Chengzi himself was also a victim of this Taoist war. He was between life and death and had to seal himself in the reincarnation of one day. As long as he escapes reincarnation, he will die!
/What he wants to do most is to change the past and change the destiny of the other side. He has been looking for such an opportunity tirelessly for these years, but has never succeeded. But now, this opportunity has finally come!
Xu Ying’s figure gr