ys been paralyzed. Every time he travels, he has to take a car. I have known him for so long and met him countless times. I still don’t remember this wrong. a little.”

Tian Chengzi said: “I won’t remember it wrong. Wait a minute!”
There was a look of disbelief on his face, his eyes fell on Xu Ying’s face, and he said, “I didn’t remember it wrong, and you didn’t remember it wrong either, but the line of cause and effect has indeed changed. Xu Ying’s sword has changed. past!”
Xu Ying’s mind was also buzzing.
Could it be that he not only fulfilled past history, but also changed past history?
/Could it be that there really was a Taoist Luo who was not paralyzed in history? It was not until he went back in time, adjusted the cycle of karma and reincarnation and stabbed him with a sword that a paralyzed Taoist Luo appeared?
Xu Ying separated from Tian Chengzi and Taiyi, still thinking about it.
“I understand, Tian Chengzi has practiced the Great Way of Time and Space, and has reversed the cycle of time and space. He is the master of time and space. When the line of cause and effect changes, he is not affected, so he still remembers what happened before the line of cause and effect changed. .”
Xu Ying thought to himself, “But Taiyi’s attainments in time and space reincarnation are not as high as his, so Taiyi was affected by the change in the causal line. He can’t remember what happened before the change in the causal line. He only remembers that Taoist Luo was paralyzed on Qionghua Island.”
He took out a piece of paper, cut it into a long strip, and drew a red line on the front and a blue line on the back.
The red line represents the causal line where Taiyi and others are located, and the blue line represents the causal line where Tian Chengzi is located.
In the red line, Master Luo has been paralyzed since the Qionghua Island event. In the blue line, Master Luo was not paralyzed until Tian Chengzi was killed.
Xu Ying rotated the paper half a turn, the two ends of the paper were brought together, and the red and blue lines intersected and appeared on the same plane.
This means that the paralyzed Dao Master Luo and the non-paralyzed Dao Master Luo exist in the same causal time and space!
What caused this rotation was the Immortal Killing Sword Fingers that promised to run the reincarnation of cause and effect and pierce Dao Master Luo!
“Everyone else, including Immortal and Dao Master, have also been affected by the changes in the causal line. They only remember that Luo Dao Master was paralyzed on Qionghua Island. This is caused by their insufficient Taoism and their failure to understand cause and effect, reincarnation, and reincarnation. Bright time and space.”
Xu Ying thought to himself, “Because Tian Chengzi’s attainments in reincarnation have not reached the ultimate level, and he has only a partial understanding of the avenue of cause and effect, he was unable to examine the two lines of cause and effect at the same time. He failed to discover the intersection of the two lines of cause and effect.”