ce, will the me now become a Taoist Master immediately?”

He was confused for a while and hesitated.
On the other side, Taiyi Daojun also saw himself when he was young. At that time, Taiyi was already a mature and steady young man, as mature and steady as Taiyi now.
“If I had walked over and told me the future direction at that time, could a lot of things have been avoided?”
He was stunned.
He had many regrets in his life, and these regrets lingered in his Taoist heart, like the sand that was silent at the bottom of the water. It became turbid when he thought of it, and it took a long time to fall again.
What if all this regret didn’t have to happen?
“Perhaps, I will have a better way to deal with the people in the Heaven Realm. Maybe the calamity of the year will not break out. Maybe I will not have to lose in the battle with Tongtian, and maybe Hao Yi will not have to die.”
He hesitated for a moment, then stepped towards his younger self.
He wanted to see if he could change the past.
/“My past, for me in the past, is the future that has not yet happened! For him, the future can be changed!” He was eager in his heart.
Xu Yingze took Taoist Master Luo’s chariot to the Zhiren Hall where Taoist Master Hua lived. Taoist Master Luo strode in without waiting for the announcement and said with a smile: “Fellow Taoist Master Hua, today I met two people. My good friend, I must recommend him to you!”
Xu Ying followed Tian Chengzi and said curiously: “If I really go back to the past and change the past, then Taoist Hua and Taoist Luo will definitely recognize me. However, if they don’t recognize me, it means that I’m disguised very well. !”
He was full of confidence and thought: “Another possibility is that we have not gone back to the past. But this is impossible.”
Hua Taoist Master also looked extremely young at this time, with a tall and straight posture, and did not look like the vicious old man who would frequently kill people later.
His forehead was very broad and tall, and he looked quite wise. When he met Xu Ying and Tian Chengzi, his eyes flashed and he said with a smile: “Tian Chengzi practices the Dao of Time and Space. Hua has been famous for a long time, and today I finally get to see him! What a blessing, what a blessing!” ”
Tian Chengzi responded calmly.
Master Hua didn’t take it seriously, looked at Xu Ying, and said, “Ying Taoist friend is not well-known. I have never heard of your name before.”
Taoist Master Luo was extremely surprised and said: “Fellow Taoist, have you never heard of fellow Taoist Ying? I thought you invited him here, so I went with you all the way.”
Taoist Master Hua looked at Xu Ying and said with a faint smile: “Although I have many friends, I have never heard of Fellow Taoist Ying, let alone invited him to come. Fellow Daoist Luo, there have been many strange people on the island recently. You have to guard your face.”
/Master Luo smiled and said: “But Taoist friend Ying is not an outsider. Like us, he also studied with Taoist Master. He practices the Nine Innate Paths