lood sources that could not be avoided along the way!

However, the void behind him still couldn’t stop sliding towards the huge central flood source.
“If it really doesn’t work, I will activate the Void Pendant to see if I can sense where the Void Realm is!”
Xu Ying gritted his teeth and thought to himself, “The worst that can happen is that I have to give up my body and the abyss, and start all over again!”
He activated the magical power of reincarnation to roll up the twenty-eight layers of void and cut it forward. However, the reincarnation was pulled like a stack of noodles and fell towards the huge central flood source behind.
Xu made a quick decision and jumped forward, breaking off reincarnation and cutting off cause and effect. The power of the physical body and soul being torn apart by the huge central flood source immediately dissipated.
“I will never die here!”
Xu Ying urged the flood source to reverse the evidence, moved his head down and his feet, reversed time and space, distanced himself from the huge central flood source, and took the opportunity to fly forward.
On the road ahead, huge floods blocked the road, and other huge floods came spinning in. Xu Ying himself turned into a huge flood, rushing all the way, swallowing up all the unlucky huge floods on the road.
“This little fellow Taoist is really good.”
/True Lord Daoji stood in the center of the huge central flood source, watching Xu Ying escape with a happy smile.
“What the Dao Alliance needs is exactly this kind of talent to compete with the Chaos Lord!”
His eyes flashed and he whispered, “After experiencing the annihilation of this universe this time, I will definitely be able to take one step further on the avenue of annihilation. But if I want to go further and stand at the end of the avenue, I’m afraid I will need more annihilation of the universe.” Only by destroying it can we do it.”
The Big Bell and the Chaos Lotus are still floating on the edge of the Imperial Realm universe, waiting quietly. During these days, they have been practicing separately, but they also realize that the Imperial Realm is declining, and they are afraid that they will not be able to hold on for long.
However, to their expectation, the Imperial Realm actually persisted for decades without the Nirvana Tribulation breaking out.
On this day, Changsun Shenghai, who had been sitting under the eucalyptus tree for a long time, suddenly said: “The Avenue of Tribulation and the Avenue of Killing have turned from prosperity to decline, and the disaster of Nirvana is about to come!”
As soon as he finished speaking, he saw that the ever-turbulent sea of ??chaos suddenly calmed down.
Big Bell and Chaos Lotus suddenly felt that Changsun Shenghai had landed on the Cuiyan Tower ship next to them and said: “The Tribulation of Nirvana has begun.”
Da Zhong said hurriedly: “A Ying is still inside!”
Changsun Shenghai shook his head and said: “There is no hope. When the Nirvana Tribulation begins, even a Taoist master will have a hard time surviving. Although Master