n the world while practicing, you will be found.”

Xu Yingdao: “It’s people who beg me, not me. Rather than being chased by others all the time, it’s better to take the initiative and take the initiative into your own hands. They are not Zhou Qiyun, so what qualifications do they have to coerce me?”
“How to master it?” Xian Qi asked.
Xu promised: “I can control it from here to the capital of God.”
Before he finished speaking, he saw a white-haired old man coming on a donkey and stopping not far away. The white-haired old man smiled and said, “Xu Demon King, are you okay?”
That old man was the old man of the Zhu family who stayed at Wuwu Mountain that day. Xu Ying and others originally thought that he was the dull boy’s father, but they did not expect that he was their son.
Xu Ying nodded lightly and said, “Thank you, everything is fine.”
The old man invited him: “Can you trouble King Xu Demon to go to Zhu’s house?”
Xu Ying said seriously: “Please ask Mr. Zhu to lead the way.”
The old man said happily: “I don’t dare to take it. My ancestors of the Zhu family are still here, and I am not the one in charge. Demon King Xu, please get on the donkey!”
The big bell flew into the back of Xu Ying’s head. Anhui Qi shrank in size and hid under Xu Ying’s collar. Xu Ying got on the donkey’s back. The white-haired old man led the donkey in front and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, Demon King Xu, this donkey Although he is a little stupid, he runs fast.”
/The donkey’s feet were filled with smoke, and it ran faster and faster, climbing over mountains and ridges as if it were walking on flat ground.
Xian Qi asked in confusion: “Didn’t you say you wanted to kill and eat this donkey when we were at Wuwu Mountain? Why didn’t you kill it?”
/The donkey was so angry that it blew out smoke from its nostrils and almost knocked Xu Ying off.
The old man from the Zhu family quickly whipped the donkey twice to make him behave more honestly.
After running like this for more than three hundred miles, suddenly there was a real dragon’s energy rising from the mountain forest ahead. The real dragon was huge and winding, and it actually coiled a big mountain.
The true dragon’s green scales were like the rust of bronze, and its huge dragon head was extremely ferocious. It hung down from the mountain, salivating at the corners of its mouth, staring at the donkey and the old man of the Zhu family.
The real dragon’s head was huge, like a hill. It snorted suddenly, the wind howled, the mountains and forests were broken, and sand and rocks flew.
The donkey peed all over the floor on the spot. The old man of the Zhu family also looked pale. He raised his head and looked at the green dragon, and suddenly shouted, eight caves appeared behind him.
“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!” On the hilltop opposite, nine huge caves hung in the sky, slowly rotating, as if they were distorting time and space, making the sky also become distorted.
From the perspective of the old man of the Zhu family, he saw that the world behind the mountain became strange and bizarre!