his experience, “Otherwise. Everyone in the world thinks that the six secrets of the human body conflict with each other, and mixed cultivation will lead to death. That is because the exercises have no backbone to unify the six secrets, so they conflict. If we can use the Xiyi Domain as the backbone to unify all the At this state, the six secrets are like flowers and fruits on the trunk, and there are no more disturbances.”

After Xu Ying read Zhou Qiyun’s experience, he closed the book heavily, pondered for a long time, and suddenly said loudly: “Seventh Master, Seventh Master!”
/An Qi was breathing and breathing in the place of ascension, practicing dragon and snake stinging. Hearing the words, he swam over quickly and said, “A Ying, what’s the matter?”
Xu Ying said: “Put these volumes away. These volumes are treasures and cannot be lost.”
An Qi opened his mouth and swallowed the books.
His stomach is all down from his neck. His stomach is as long as his body is, and it can even be stretched longer. Therefore, some things that are inconvenient to carry must be placed in his stomach.
An Qi had long since made his intestines and stomach into a magic weapon to store precious things. The Great Sun Guidance Skill passed down from his ancestors back then was also hidden in his stomach.
Xu Ying said to An Qi: “Master Qi, Zhou Qiyun said that refining qi is like a tree, and the six secrets of the human body are the six flowers and fruits on the tree. Only in this way can the six secrets not conflict with each other. This description is wrong. The six secrets of the human body are quite It is only right for the Qi Refiner’s six sources of power to be offered to the Qi Refining Tree!”
/An Qi didn’t understand. He stared at his big eyes and said with a guilty conscience: “Then, what’s the difference?”
Xu Ying looked into his eyes, very seriously, and said: “The difference is that Zhou Qiyun uses refining Qi as nutrients to provide the six secrets of the human body and strengthen the power of the secret. My method uses the six secrets of the human body as nutrients, Strengthen the energy refining.”
An Qi understood it, but he didn’t understand it completely. He followed his words and said, “So, how to achieve this?”
“Master Qi is smart!”
Xu Ying suddenly clapped his hands and praised, walked around excitedly, and said, “Zhou Qiyun solved the problem of connecting his skills and Qi refining, but because he is a Nuo Immortal, even though he jumped out of the limitations of his vision and knowledge, it still affected his Judgment! I should intercept the first half of the Niwan Hidden Scenery Immortality Technique and connect it with my Taiyi Guidance Technique!”
When Xian Qi heard him praising her intelligence, she felt even more guilty and said tremblingly: “A Ying, how do you connect?”
“Doesn’t it sound extremely complicated to connect two different cultivation systems?”
Xu Ying laughed and said, “But as long as the activity of the Chaos Sea caught in the Niwan Cave is regarded as the sun essence that we guided