Ying stepped down from the Chaos Rosette and came outside the Great Xia Realm. He looked into this universe and saw that there were many types of heaven and earth avenues in the Great Xia Realm, which were different from the heaven and earth avenues in other universes.

Among them, there are actually two kinds of avenues of heaven and earth that Xu Ying has never seen before!
This scene made Xu Ying deep in thought: “In the sea of ??chaos, various chaotic substances may not be uniform, and the avenues contained in chaos are also inconsistent. Therefore, try to open up chaos as much as possible, rebuild the universe, and see more avenues of heaven and earth.” That is to say”
“Aying, we should go!”
Da Zhong urged, “This place is under the jurisdiction of the Dao Alliance. You can see the scenes of various universes in the Great Sky Bright Realm. Our appearance outside the border of Daxia Realm must have attracted the attention of the Dao Alliance!”
Xu Ying was in a daze, and the big bell was worried that his position would be exposed. The mouth of the bell rotated, and a golden light shot out, sucking Xu Ying into the bell.
Master Lian hurried over and jumped into the bell. Seeing that Xu Ying’s problem was no longer serious, she simply went into Xu Ying’s body and universe as usual.
The universe inside Xu Ying’s body was created from the chaos of the sky. It is extremely vast, and it is the realm of acquired heaven, with all kinds of avenues. Chaos Lotus is extremely comfortable here.
/Xu Ying sat cross-legged inside the clock, letting the big clock take him through the sea of ??chaos, thinking in his heart: “The idea of ??the Dao Alliance may be right.”
There was a roar in his mind, and the noise from the sea of ??chaos seemed to be stuffed into his mind, deafening.
The philosophy of the Dao Alliance is to completely open up the sea of ??chaos and see the truth of the Dao.
Xu Ying used the broken knife to reflect the sea of ??chaos. The sea of ??chaos was clear and all the avenues were clearly visible. However, the power of this sword cannot completely illuminate the Chaos Sea.
What’s more, this knife does not cover all the avenues in the sea of ??chaos, and cannot reflect those unknown avenues!
Therefore there is only one way to see these hidden avenues of heaven and earth.
“Completely open up the Sea of ??Chaos and turn it into an extremely huge universe. All avenues in the chaotic state in the Sea of ??Chaos will appear at the moment when the world is created!”
Xu Ying said silently in his heart, “Perhaps, that is the only way to see all the avenues of chaos.”
The more he saw, the more he felt that all the monks who were busy saving people were just doing their best in vain and could not possibly save others.
In other words, all the universes and creatures born in the Chaos Sea have no meaning of existence.
“If we want this kind of tragedy to never happen again, the only way is to completely open up the Sea of ??Chaos as the Dao Alliance said.”
Xu Ying thought of this and shook his head hurriedly