e nine movements that Xu Ying performed were exactly what they would look like when their cultivation path of conquest was fully operational!

Even among their cultivators, not many can practice the Conquest Dao to the level of Xu Ying!
However, Xu Ying spoke out about the weaknesses of Zhengdao Jujing, and his words were conclusive, but people were very unconvinced.
Tian Shanghou of the Emperor Shengxian Dynasty blocked the person who tried to challenge Xu Ying and said: “Your Majesty once encountered the Chaos Bell in the Chaos Sea and was injured by it. He said that there were mistakes in his Taoism and Dharma. It is exactly the same as what this young man pointed out. You guys. If you come forward to receive advice, I’m afraid you’ll be in trouble.”
Everyone in the Xiu family was shocked.
Emperor Sheng conquered the Sea of ??Chaos back then, trying to expand the territory of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty to more distant borders.
At that time, the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty opened up the Void Station and the Void Station, connecting the universes and even opening up to the periphery of the Sea of ??Chaos!
The territory governed by his Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty was more than ten times larger than it is now!
However, Di Sheng’s huge empire was short-lived. After one of his expeditions, Di Sheng was seriously injured when he returned, so he voluntarily abdicated and selected the next generation of Immortal Emperors. And he carried the fate of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty, and died.
That serious injury directly ruined the huge empire built by Di Sheng, and almost caused the empire to perish. Fortunately, his successor, Emperor Rui, was able to turn the tide and save the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty from collapse.
It has always been a mystery that Di Sheng was suddenly seriously injured and dying in his prime. Even the Xiu family did not know whose hands he was injured. Only now do we know that this majestic emperor was seriously injured by the Chaos Bell!
Xu Ying walked towards the Yu family. In front of Emperor Wang’s coffin, he pointed out the errors and omissions in Emperor Wang’s Taoism while stimulating the Taoism and Yujia’s skills.
/Everyone in the Yu family was livid, but no one dared to move.
The technique that Xu Ying activated was the Yu family’s Sutra of Eternal Reincarnation and Immortality!
They originally thought that the Sutra of Reincarnation and Eternal Achievement of Immortality must be the most powerful technique in the world, with no flaws to speak of. However, they did not expect that a young man would use this technique directly in front of other imperial clansmen. And point out the fatal flaw!
Xu Ying ignored them and came to the Wen family’s emperor’s coffin.
/The writer felt like facing a formidable enemy.
After Xu Ying finished talking about Wen’s Taoism and its flaws, he walked towards the next emperor’s coffin. He eloquently said that in this Jinluan Palace, while practicing the emperors’ techniques and performing them to the fullest, he also pointed out the shortcomings of the emper