emory and thoughts of Emperor Haotian’s broken soul. Because he did not die in the three realms, but died on the other side. His soul, memory, and thoughts have been with him. It disappeared with the silence of the other shore, returned to chaos, and ceased to exist.

“How many people like Emperor Haotian are there in the universe? Countless. They came to the other side, pursued their dreams, and tried to realize their dreams, but they all turned into bones on the other side. What is there to cherish about this other side? ”
/He stretched out his hand and said sincerely: “Brother Dao, you are the last saint of the other side. You are also a person from the Three Realms and half of the teacher of Emperor Haotian. You don’t need to worry about your identity. If you want to build a real other side, I am just the one.” I know there is such a place, and there is a stubborn old guy who also wants to build a real other side!”
When Lu Yiren heard this, his mind was shaken.
For these thousands of years, he has been staying in the heavenly realm, but he has always found it difficult to have any sense of identity. For the people in Tianjing, the other side is an enemy, even the last person from the other side is an enemy. For him, the heaven is also his enemy. Living in the enemy’s universe, he has trouble sleeping and eating.
It is impossible for him to return to the Three Realms. No matter what form he returns to the Three Realms this time, it will always be a problem for him.
However, the new building sector did give him new hope.
In Xinlou Realm, Xu Ying and Lu Yiren came hand in hand. The Universe Soul of Xinlou Realm hurriedly came to greet them and said: “Tianzun has known about the arrival of the two of them and ordered us to come and greet them.”
Master Tai Dao was arranging the three thousand avenues of the new building world to give birth to gods. Seeing the arrival of the two people, he was quite happy and said with a smile: “I am preparing to make the three thousand avenues of heaven and earth in the building world give birth to 3,600 Taoist gods.” . This Taoist spirit is the primordial spirit of the great road of heaven and earth. He follows the great road and manages the affairs of the world.”
When Lu Yiren heard this, he thought: “If the great road of heaven and earth embodies the soul, and people don’t interfere, doesn’t it mean that the great road can be for the public?”
Tai Dao Master nodded and said with a smile: “The so-called Dao Master, the Dao is a private weapon, stealing the Dao of heaven and earth for his own use. He is called a Dao Master, but he is actually a Dao thief. So I established 3,600 Dao Zun at the beginning of the world. God, the Taoist God has the same strength as the Taoist Master. In the future, if the Taoist Master steals the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth as a personal weapon, the Taoist God will deal with it.”
Lu Yiren clapped his hands and said with a smile: “This is a good idea! Too many disputes in the world are caused by Taoist masters’ selfishness. Now that we have set t