o Hunyuan, who had used his few tricks to understand the path of the day after tomorrow.

After a period of time, Xu Ying could always find Dao Yin with great accuracy. The two fought against each other. Dao Yin insisted on more and more tricks, and he was secretly happy.
It was only later that he was able to endure hundreds of attacks under Xu Ying’s attack, and then he showed his defeat!
“My practice of Taiyi Avenue is getting closer and closer to Yuanshi! Even if Xu Ying breaks through and reaches the end of Houtian Avenue, he will not be my opponent!”
/He once again stopped at Taiyi Beach to observe the sea area.
The Taidao Sea is really vast, and the great ways contained in it arise and die with the surging waves, and new ways are constantly being born and annihilated.
This kind of treasure land has never appeared throughout the history of the Chaos Sea. It is no wonder that Dao Yin is extremely satisfied with this opportunity.
Xu Ying came after him again, but this time Dao Yin was not in a hurry. He took Xu Ying’s move first and said with a smile: “Fellow Daoist Xu, although you have mastered the black jade Ganoderma lucidum, you have wasted your time in these years. Spend your time and energy on cultivating more Chaos Spiritual Roots and destroying our plans. If you had been smarter back then and entered this cosmic flood source, you would have discovered the biggest secret here.”
Xu Ying stopped attacking and said with a solemn expression: “Brother Dao, please give me some advice.”
Dao Yin smiled and said: “The Hongmeng here is the Hongmeng state, and the Wuji is the Wuji state. But the most wonderful thing is Taiyi. The Dao sea in the Taiyi state contains the magic of Dao that is enough to explain the changes of the Dao. If you had discovered it earlier, You can break through here long ago and reach the end of the great road. Maybe you can even go one step further and comprehend the Yuanshi Dao realm! But you spent that time cultivating the spiritual root of chaos, isn’t it stupid?”
Xu Ying shook his head and said seriously: “Brother Taoist, the things I did in the sea of ??chaos were to comprehend the state of chaos and thus gather supreme Tao power. Now, with the help of Brother Taoist, I have basically transformed myself in the chaotic state.” The power of Tao is unified. If I fight with you today, I will be the end of the acquired road. The next step will be innate, which is the real Tao. Where can I be stupid? ”
Dao Yin laughed loudly, shook his head and said: “You borrowed my power to break through, and I let you borrow it on purpose, because I also need time to understand the ultimate secret of Taiyi Avenue. Now that you haven’t broken through yet, my Taiyi Avenue must be completed in advance. It’s the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty.”
Xu Ying’s eyes were strange: “How do you know that you can practice Taiyi Avenue here, and I didn’t let you practice on purpose?”
Daoyin’s eyes collided with his.
Xu Ying said: “Have you noticed that every time you fight me, you last two rounds longer than