x light cut into his skull and slowly stopped.

There was silence all around, and all the dragon immortals stared blankly at this scene.
one move.
Just one move.
The young master from the other side was completely defeated!
When Prime Minister Yuan Heng and other dragon clan elders saw this, their expressions changed drastically. They all flew up and ran towards the field, shouting in unison: “Save someone under the axe!”
“Don’t hurt Mr. Hong Bo!”
These Dragon Clan elders were terrified. The Dragon Court had already been under a lot of pressure due to the death of Young Master Qi Xuan last time, and Bian An had been urging them to hand over the murderer.
They were very worried about this matter.
Now if Young Master Hong Bo is also killed by Xu Ying, they will not be able to explain to the other side!
When Xu Ying saw them rushing towards him, he immediately took a step back and dispersed his earth-opening magical power.
Yuan Heng, Yuan Bugui and others rushed forward, surrounded Young Master Hong Bo and protected him in the center.
Young Master Hongbo’s body trembled. Xu Ying’s move to open up the earth penetrated into his brain. The artistic conception of the great path contained in his magical power had invaded his brain, penetrated into his dojo, and was raging in his body!
Although this ax was blocked by him, the seriousness of the injury was beyond imagination!
Xu Ying’s Taiyi Avenue combines thirty kinds of avenues, which greatly increases the power of this move. Such powerful supernatural powers are extremely rare even in the other side, let alone the Three Realms.
“The victory has been decided.”
Xu Ying turned around and walked away from the battlefield, and said calmly, “Even without the intervention of the elders, there is no need to compete. The so-called Taoism on the other side, the so-called Huanhua, are nothing more than this, and they are not as good as the Taoism of the barbarians in our immortal world. Magical powers.”
/His voice was clear and bright, spreading throughout the countryside, making it clearly audible to everyone.
Young Master Hong Bo wanted to get up to stop him, but his head almost split open and he hurriedly knelt down.
Yuan Heng planned to help him up, but Hong Bo quickly said: “No!”
Yuan Heng quickly retracted his hand, surprised and uncertain.
/Although Xu Ying had dissipated his earth-opening magical power, the Dao realm of this move had already cut into Hong Bo’s body, wreaking havoc inside his body. If he couldn’t suppress it, he would definitely die.
His current posture is just right. If he doesn’t move, he can still suppress the magical power, but as long as he moves a little, the power of the magical power will explode in his body!
“It turns out that the young master on the other side is not as good as His Highness Mingxi.”
A dragon girl couldn’t help but said, “His Royal Highness Mingxi could fight with Xu Ying for more than 200 rounds, but he lost after one unintentional move. But Mr. Bian’an couldn’t even take one of Xu Ying’s moves. He is be