o that the other eight innate avenues also followed suit!

The two of them were discussing Taoism and fighting skills. When they started fighting, they really shocked Yi Meng.
The leader of the Yi League, Wu Zheng, looked from a distance and said in surprise: “When did such a strong person appear in our Yi League?”
Shen Tu Lun glanced at him and said, “He is from the other side. He is called Tongtian Taoist. He is an old friend of Li Xiao.”
Wu Zheng was extremely surprised: “How talented is the other side? This Chaos Lord is from the other side, and Taoist Tongtian is also from the other side.”
Shen Tu Lun said: “There is also Taoist Master Zuolian. He is near the end of the road and he also comes from the other side. But he is the predecessor of the other side, the spiritual universe.”
Wu Zheng nodded lightly, looked at Biyou Palace, and said softly: “If many outstanding geniuses suddenly appear in a place, it is not because of good luck there, nor is it because someone secretly planned the arrangement. It is because a person was born there. Big shot. Big shot has changed the environment there, so that people’s potential can be brought into extraordinary use, so that many people have the opportunity to bloom, so it gives people the illusion that talents are emerging. But in fact, talents are everywhere, but they are buried in ordinary times. That’s all.”
Shen Tu Lun felt the same way and said: “The emperor who founded the country has very talented people from his hometown. This fellow Taoist Xu, his hometown must be full of talented people.”
Wu Zheng said leisurely: “I hope it will be a good thing for our Yimeng.”
Xu Ying and Tongtian Taoist had a discussion, and each came to his own conclusion. They didn’t really fight, but the movement of magical powers was truly earth-shattering.
When they landed, they realized that there was a sea of ??people outside Biyou Palace, all of whom were listening to the lecture.
“Brother Taoist!” They greeted Xu Ying and Taoist Tongtian.
During these days, Xu Ying discussed Taoism with Taoist Tongtian. He explained the mystery of chaos and the nine evidences in simple and easy-to-understand terms, attracting them.
In particular, the questions and answers between Xu Ying and Tongtian fully demonstrated the intelligence and talent of the two geniuses, allowing everyone to gain a lot.
/Taoist Tongtian has a withdrawn personality. He originally did not have many connections and foundations in the Yi League, but now he suddenly has many followers.
Seeing this scene, Xu Ying thought to himself: “Brother Tongtian Taoist can now gain a foothold in the Yi League. Changsun Shenghai will definitely achieve success in the Tao League in the future. I wonder what will happen to their master and disciple?”
He bid farewell to Taoist Tongtian and returned to the former residence of Fairy Danxia. With the foundation of discussing Taoism with Taoist Master Tongtian, he saw Fairy Danxia’s understanding of chaos clearly and easily grasped it.
As his attainments in the Avenue of Chaos impr