impressing the plutocrats and attracting attention from all parties.

“Old Wang is so fierce. He dares to leave the city and fight alone in the Sun family’s lair?” Zhong Cheng’s palms were sweating. After hearing the news, he was lost in thought for a long time.
After Zhou Yun learned about it, Ji Lingling shuddered and said: “Brother Wang is too stubborn. He wants to fight to the death with the Sun family. Will there be a river of blood tonight? The Sun family’s warships will probably take off.”
In the special circle of plutocrats and big forces, news spreads the fastest. They knew about it the moment Wang Xuan left the city, and they all gasped.
“The Sword Immortal is out of the city. Now the Sun family should be nervous. If he cannot be found quickly, this night will be extremely anxious.”
Many young people are looking forward to it. At this stage, they are not as wary as the senior members. They all still have dreams of becoming sword immortals.
A young and beautiful girl with bright eyes said: “You are so handsome. The young sword immortal attacked thousands of miles at night and cut off the head of the Sun family leader with one sword. I seemed to have heard the sound of the sword and saw the peerless Sword light!”
Soon, she was reprimanded by the elders in her family, who sternly warned her that extraordinary beings were very dangerous, especially for the plutocrats, who were a variable.
“What if one day, that young man flies his sword thousands of miles into the air and attacks our home?”
This youthful and energetic girl spoke plausibly and said: “So, let me go to cultivate immortality. I want to worship him as my teacher and make him one of our own!”
/“There seems to be some truth.” The middle-aged man pondered. The chaebol and the extraordinary do not necessarily have to be in opposition. Family, friendship, and love cannot escape all kinds of relationships between people. They can be contacted, approached, and tied to their own chariots. superior.
Some old men in large institutions and top organizations now have mixed feelings. From a fundamental point of view, they were previously happy to see extraordinary beings confronting the Sun family and consuming the super chaebol. However, they never want extraordinary people to rise and do not want to see them become bigger.
Especially when Wang Xuan fought outside Jingyue City and beheaded Sun Rongting with his flying sword, this touched them too much!
If he can kill the core members of the Sun family today, then tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, he can attack late at night and chop off their heads.
But then Wang Xuan stated that he wanted to practice in a low-key manner, had no ambitions, and did not want to be enemies with other families. He hoped to be a miracle doctor and save people’s lives. This makes a group of old men simply unable to refuse!
“Let’s take it one step at a time. Let’s see what happens tonight first. Whether he really wants to fight a bloody battle with the Sun family. If he is too strong and dangerous, he won’t live long.