ed their best to activate the sword boxes. The sword energy cannot be shaken even one bit!

“Promise Demon King!”
The Zhu family’s chief Nuo’s eyes twitched and he sneered, “Xu Ying, do you want to get involved in my Zhu family’s affairs?”
The sword energy that was nailed in the air suddenly flew back, whirled around the Zhu family Nuo masters, and then sank into the sword box with a clanking sound!
One by one, the Zhu family Nuo masters staggered, fell to the ground, and died!
Xu Ying fluttered his sleeves, turned around, and faced the Zhu family Nuo directly. The sword boxes behind him were closed with a click.
The moment his body turned, the distorted villagers also returned to normal. Regarding the Ni Wan Nuo technique, Xu Ying received the true transmission from Zhou Qiyun, and the Zhu family’s Ni Wan Nuo technique was completely different from his.
The corners of Zhu family’s Nuo’s eyes trembled and he sneered: “Xu Ying, even if you are an immortal immortal”
The next moment, Xu Ying came to him and punched him. The Zhu family shouted loudly, and layers of caves opened behind him. There were secret treasures such as Yuchi, Jianggong and Niwan. There were as many caves as there were, and the most secret treasures were in Yuchi. , there are as many as five caves, and the smallest Niwan Secret Treasure has four caves!
/He also practiced the Qi Refining Technique, and the Xiyi Realm appeared behind him. He has reached the Knocking Off Stage, and his magic power is powerful!
His Taoist magical power exploded, and he spread his fingers, and saw layers of sealing techniques extending forward, forcing Xu Ying away!
Xu Ying’s fist came, punching through all the restrictions, breaking his five fingers, twisting them backwards, and immediately his arm exploded.
Xu Ying’s fist fell on his face, his face and facial features were pressed against the back of his head, and his brain was pushed out.
“Master Qi told me to reason with the corpse after killing someone.”
Xu Ying pulled out his bloody fist from his face, wiped his hands on his body, and said calmly, “I want to say, do you think I’m dead?”
He turned around and looked at the Zhu family Nuo master who was about to move outside the village. His heart was filled with anger and he said to the corpse of the Zhu family Nuo master: “Are you worthy of using the Zhou family’s clay ball Nuo technique? I’ll teach you, what?” This is the real Niwan Zhengfa!”
Zhu Zhong had a fierce look on his face, and he waved his hand suddenly, and a group of Zhu family Nuo masters came to kill him. Among them, the Zhu family Nuo master and the clan elder were hidden in the crowd, preparing to give Xu Ying a fatal blow!
The Zhu family Nuo masters who were charging forward suddenly felt their bodies weakening rapidly. In an instant, they were as skinny as firewood and gray-haired. They fell to the ground one by one, unable to move!
At the same time, the houses in the small village shook, making loud noises like the earth was falling apart. Those houses shed th