with Buddhism again, saying: “Brothers and masters, take action!”

There is no doubt that Buddhism also has ears and eyes on Xinxing, and has a special habitat. They quickly received the message and knew that a big event did occur tonight and was still in progress.
A fierce melee broke out, and the two sides fought fiercely. The already antagonistic situation, coupled with the stimulation of external factors, suddenly reached a fever pitch.
/“It’s really your misfortune that you two dare to appear here. I’ll see how you can escape!” There are many monsters here. Black Hyena screamed and led many flesh-and-blood monsters to hunt Wang Xuan and Chen Yongjie. .
“Kill!” Lao Chen was glowing with Buddha’s light, swung his black sword and rushed over.
Between Wang Xuan’s fingers, a ball of silver flame appeared, beating constantly. He was constructing an extraordinary formula to test how powerful the technique activated by this silver substance was.
A demon was instantly covered, burned with holy flames, and a shrill scream came from the middle. A demon at the peak of the sixth stage was turned into charcoal, and even the soul was burned to death!
“How dare the creatures that once crawled at the feet of my demon clan dare to cause such trouble!” Black Hyena came to kill with a fierce anger. He was strong and covered with black hair. He was holding a brand-new mace, and the explosion was dazzling. The extraordinary light struck Wang Xuan.
Wang Xuan formed a seal with his hands and circulated the Sakyamuni Sutra, but instead of golden Buddha light shining everywhere, silver light transpired. With a bang, a huge lotus flower flew out from his hands. The whole lotus flower was silver. It bloomed one after another, covering the black hyena.
This is the Magic Lotus Seal.
In the void, there was a real sound of flowers blooming. The petals fell, roaring continuously, smashing the big fangs that emitted extraordinary light.
Black Hyena’s big furry hand was shaken to pieces with blood and blood, and demon blood dripped down. One of the finger bones was exposed and a section was broken off.
“Are you also getting weaker?” Wang Xuan showed a strange look, and Black Hyena also fell down to the eighth stage, and is currently in the seventh stage.
When hearing such words, Black Hyena became angry. Is this mocking him? Although this was true, he felt extremely tight in his chest.
The most important thing is that he has become weaker, but the opponent has become stronger, and the improvement is terrifying. In his opinion, this is unreasonable!
Wang Xuan squeezed the sword technique with his right hand, and a dazzling silver light flew out. He was fully testing his own strength and verifying how extraordinary the silver material was.
When Hei Xiang opened his mouth, evil light flew out. He used a secret treasure, and a large black net fell down, emitting black light and evil aura, trying to capture Wang Xuan.
However, under Wang Xuan’s sword technique, the snow-white sword light split into pieces and completely shattered